Autumn Moon

Help Fund Insanely Gory Werewolf Flick Autumn Moon; Watch the Incredible Opening Sequence Right Now!

With so many Kickstarter campaigns coming in to Dread Central on a weekly basis, we admit that it's hard to get our attention and compel us to spread the word and/or donate....

Autumn Moon Home to One Wicked Looking Werewolf

We haven't heard anything about the new werewolf flick Autumn Moon for a couple of years now, but HOLY SHIT are we stoked for what it has in store for us. Read on for proof positive why CGI sucks.

Production Beginning Soon on New Werewolf Thriller Autumn Moon

Vampires had a nice run, and zombies are the current flavor of the week. Instead of reimagining the monsters everyone is onto now, wouldn't it make sense to try to hit the next big wave early? Filmmaker Randy Fabert is howling right that way with Autumn Moon.