Archstone Distribution

Cassadaga (DVD)

Starring Kelen Coleman, Kevin Alejandro, Rus Blackwell, Hank Stone, Louise Fletcher, J LaRose, Amy LoCiero, Christina Bach

Archstone Announces VOD and DVD Release Dates for A Resurrection

A film highlighted during this year's Indie Horror Month, Matt Orlando's A Resurrection, has gotten itself VOD and DVD release dates and some new artwork, and we have everything you need to know plus info on how you can watch it right now.

Dear God No! More Sasquatchploitation Comes to DVD!

Bikers. Bigfoot. Blood. Got your attention? I'm sure we do. We're going to get all of that and then some in just a couple of weeks when the latest sliver of sasquatchploitation slams onto DVD. Are you ready? Dear God No!

Dear God No! Gets Distribution with Archstone ... Oh God Yes!

I don't know if you've heard the story, but it's true…every time an indie film gets distro, an angel gets its wings…or maybe it's a hellspawn gets its chains…one or the other. Regardless, the important news here is that the award-winning brutal biker film Dear God No! has grabbed a distribution deal with Archstone Distribution.

Ready for Some Supernatural Activity?

Along with countless copycat films, Paranormal Activity has also spawned its fair share of spoofs. That being said, there's another on its way that's looking to hit the found footage sub-genre directly in the funny bone!