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See Previews and Over a Half Dozen Stills from Dominion Episode 1.02 - Godspeed

So, did everyone watch "Dominion" last night? If so, we'd love to hear what you thought. If you're already sold and looking forward to next week's Episode 1.02, "Godspeed," here are several stills, previews, and more!

Prep for Tonight's Premiere of Dominion with Several New Introduction and Teaser Videos

Planning to check out "Dominion" when it premieres tonight on Syfy? Then grab your coffee and settle in for a bit as we have several new videos to share, including introductions to archangels Michael and Gabriel and a whole lot more!

Dominion's Chris Egan & Vaun Wilmott Talk Mythology, the Hero's Journey, Differences from Legion, Future Seasons & LOTS More

With "Dominion" premiering June 19th, Syfy recently hosted a conference call with star Chris Egan and exec producer/creator Vaun Wilmott, and we have the highlights for you here.

Humanity Faces a New Enemy in this Latest Teaser for Syfy's Dominion; 5-Minute Preview Released!

With the Syfy series "Dominion" arriving this coming Thursday, June 19th, expect to see more teasers and other promotional items over the next several days. Today we have a new teaser that shows us "what we face" once the celestial battle begins plus a nearly 5-minute preview.

New Dominion Art Raises Hell on Earth

June 19th marks the premiere of the Syfy series "Dominion," based on Scott Stewart's 2010 film Legion. In the meantime, check out a snazzy new piece of art for the upcoming series, which makes for a pretty heavenly Facebook cover photo!

Our Fate Lies in the Hands of this New Dominion Trailer

Another horror TV show is heading our way in less than two weeks, Syfy's "Dominion," based on Scott Stewart's 2010 film Legion, and a new trailer has arrived to help us get ready for the premiere. It's time for humanity to rise or face extinction!

New Dominion Stills and Trailers Bring the Heaven's War to Earth

Excited about "Dominion," Syfy's upcoming weekly take on Scott Stewart's 2010 film Legion? Then get ready to dig into a gaggle of new stills and two new videos! War is coming, folks! Which side are you on?

New Dominion Artwork Strikes Down Upon Thee With Furious Vengeance

The heavens parted this afternoon and new artwork for "Dominion," Syfy's upcoming weekly take on Scott Stewart's 2010 film Legion, was cast down upon the earth like a fallen angel big on evil! Check it out!

Prepare, Rebuild, and Fight this New Trailer for Syfy's Dominion

A new extended trailer floated down from the heavens today for "Dominion," Syfy's upcoming weekly take on Scott Stewart's 2010 film Legion. Remember: God brought us into this world; his angels are prepared to take us out.

See Another Pair of Images from Syfy's Dominion

A week or so ago we got a better look at the upcoming series "Dominion" via some stills and a new trailer, and now today we have two more photos to share. "Dominion" premieres Thursday, June 19, on Syfy (9-10 pm ET/PT).

Syfy Unleashes New Trailer and Stills for Dominion

TVLine just nabbed a new trailer for one of the Syfy channel's newest original dramas. On June 19th the network will kick off the series premiere of "Dominion," and we've got the video preview along with a bunch of new stills for you!

The Battle Rages on in this New Teaser for Syfy's Dominion

Looking forward to checking out "Dominion" on Syfy when it premieres on June 19th to kick off the network's new Thursday night lineup? Then take a look at the show's updated teaser trailer, in which the battle rages on!

Syfy Teams Dominion with Defiance and Announces a Premiere Date

Syfy is furthering its commitment to scripted programming by dedicating an all-new night to original dramas. On June 19th Syfy will kick off its new Thursday night block with the one-two punch of the Season 2 premiere of "Defiance," followed by the series premiere of "Dominion."

New Trailer for Syfy's Dominion Asks Some Deep Questions

With the tagline "Heaven Will Raise Hell On Earth," Syfy's "Dominion" is set to premiere in June of this year, and a trailer has arrived that shows off a bit of new footage. Check it out, and look for more soon!

Heaven Meets Hell on Syfy in June; See the Dominion Teaser Art and Trailer

We already knew that Syfy had greenlit the new series "Dominion," based on Scott Stewart's film Legion, and now we have its premiere month, some teaser art, and the first trailer to share.