Animated Horror

Early Artwork for Frank Sudol's Gnome in the Haunted Castle

One of the most badass animators we know currently working in the horror genre, Frank Sudol, has a new creation in the works - Gnome in the Haunted Castle - and we have your first look at some early concept artwork for the flick along with details on where you can get your hands on three of Frank's earlier works just in time for the holidays!

Nick Swardson And TJ Miller Go to Hell & Back

If you find the prospect of burning eternally in an inferno while being tortured incessantly by demons until every ounce of your humanity is stripped away like vultures picking your eyeballs from your cold dead sockets humorous, man, do we have a project to tell you about!

More Anime Horror Coming Your Way with Blood-C: The Last Dark

Japanese Anime. Some of it we love. Some we hate. The only constant? Those wacky makes-little-to-no-sense titles. Enter the latest, Blood-C: The Last Dark. What does that mean? Hell if we know. How about you watch the trailer and figure it out for yourself?!

Hotel Transylvania - Miley Cyrus is Dracula's Daughter!

Man, it would be so easy to make like a thousand different jokes right now about Hannah Montana literally sucking, but we shall refrain, if only in the name of Billy Ray's sanity. In any event, we have some more Hotel Transylvania casting news for ya!

Hotel Transylvania - First Look at Adam Sandler as Dracula ... Well Sort of!

With another family-oriented animated horror feature film on its way in the form of Hotel Transylvania, we've gotten our claws into some concept sketches of what Big D himself (voiced by Adam Sandler) will be looking like!

Trailer and Poster Art for The Living Corpse

It's been a few months since we've heard anything from Shoreline Entertainment regarding its 3D animated feature film based on the underground hit graphic novel by Ken Haeser and Buz Hasson, The Living Corpse, but that's about to change as today we have a look at the flick's trailer and poster art.

Javier Bardem Checking into The Hotel Transylvania?

Another big-name actor is looking to check in to the latest family friendly horror flick to come down the digital highway. Read on for all the details about checking in at the place you may not check out of!

Gang of Seven Announces $100m Animated Film Fund

Already boasting a stable of artists that makes other studios green with envy, Gang of Seven Animation (aka G-7 Animation for those of you in the know) will now have a serious pile of scratch to go along with their impressive roster, thanks to a partnership with the Chinese government.

Check Out the Opening Credits for the Upcoming Blade Anime

Blade is set to make his anime debut, and to get you ready for all of the hopefully bloody vampire killing action, we have your first look at the flick's opening credits sequence. The new Blade anime tale is directed by Yuki Hikaru Hara Masu, whose cast includes: Blade: Ootsuka Akio Makoto: Maaya Sakamoto Deacon Frost: Isobe Tsutomu Noah Van Helsing: Osamu Osaka

Adam Sandler Gives Voice to Dracula in Hotel Transylvania

In the Carpathian mountains...cool wind in my hair. Cold smell of the corpses...rising up through the air. There's a head in the distance...face frozen with fright. Sorry...couldn't resist, but either way there's plenty of room at the Hotel Transylvania, that is unless you plan to lend your voice to the OG Fangface himself.

Exclusive Image Gallery: The Animated Dead Rise From the Grave in The Living Corpse

Here at Dread Central we believe that children are the future and teach them well and all that jazz. That's why we're big supporters of getting your kids started off right by having them cut their teeth on some really cool animated horror! Case in point ... The Living Corpse!

Unique Trailer Released for Eric Falardeau's Stop-Motion Film Crépuscule

The movie trailer has become an art form unto itself. No longer just a simple marketing tool, movie trailers are introductions, shouted from a soapbox, that a particular film has arrived. And as fans we devour them.

Little Vampire Goes to 3D School

Kids need horror, too. I mean, how else will they officially blossom into full-blown gorehounds if they don't cut their teeth on something from an early age? Speaking of teeth ...

Blade Makes His Anime Debut

While the last film sucked and the TV series was good though short-lived, thanks to Japan we haven't seen the last of Blade as he's returning to the Far East in anime form. Below you'll find the first trailer for the new Blade anime tale directed by Yuki Hikaru Hara Masu, whose cast includes: Blade: Ootsuka Akio Makoto: Maaya Sakamoto Deacon Frost: Isobe Tsutomu

First Look Must Be Whack-O for Resurrecting Drak Pack on DVD

Of all the Saturday morning cartoons from my earliest youth I never thought would see the light of day on DVD, Drak Pack is very near the top of that list. Yet, here comes the animated superheroic antics of a vampire, Frankenstein’s monster, and a werewolf flying around in an amphibious car called The Drakster to DVD.