Animated Horror

A Second Trailer Surfaces for The Living Corpse

The more we see of Shoreline Entertainment's 3D animated feature The Living Corpse, the more we like it! Check out the second trailer for the film based on the underground hit graphic novel by Ken Haeser and Buz Hasson and let us know if you agree.

Hotel Transylvania 3D - Cee Lo Green is the Voice Behind the Mummy

Cee Lo Green. This dude is friggin' everywhere lately. The Super Bowl, "The Voice", the Burger King drive-thru. And now? Mr. F You is about to get wrapped up in Sony's latest animated feature Hotel Transylvania in 3D!

Meet the Beaters of Sickcom: The American Nightmare by Comedy Genius Robert Rhine

Have you ever watched "Married with Children", "Family Guy", or "The Munsters"? Well, "SICKCOM" is all of those shows combined... but on crack! Robert Rhine's (Editor of Girls and Corpses magazine) "SICKCOM" is pure comedic genius! This is an animated series made for the twisted minds of the horror genre - check it out!

The Zombie Apocalypse - Now in Hilarious Cartoon Variety

We love cartoons! Maybe this affinity for the art form was gleaned during our formative years watching the Legion of Doom and the Super Friends battle it out. Whatever the source of the attraction, cartoons are just plain fun. And here's a new title you're going to love: a comedic zombie-themed cartoon called Zombie Murder Explosion Die! The name says it all.

Ben Wheatley and Lee Hardcastle Sentenced to Prison for Animated Film

What do you get when you take Ben Wheatley, the director of Kill List, and put him together with Lee Hardcastle, the young indie filmmaker who won a spot in the ABCs of Death with his short "T is for Toilet"? You get Megaevilmotherfuckers, that's what!

New Animated Horror Comedy to Take Us to Hell & Back

Weird things can happen purely by accident. You know what we're talking about... pick up a book, read aloud, and boom! plague of locusts. Yeah, that can suck, but you know what sucks more? Accidentally getting dragged to hell.

A First Look at Aussie Zombie Cartoon Web Series Livin' with Steve

Levi George, one of the producers of the Australian based animated web series Livin' with Steve, dropped us a line to let us know production has wrapped and the series is going to be released online on the 24th of January on the Movie Extra Web Channel. Check out some screengrabs and the trailer, and then be sure to tune in on the 24th.

Blade Anime Star Harold Perrineau Wants a Shot at the Real Thing

The star of G4's Blade anime series, Harold Perrineau, is really enjoying his stint lending the Daywalker his voice, but the former "Lost" star is really interested in taking it a step further.

The Daywalker Gets Busy in Second Clip from Blade Anime

This past Friday the 13th the Blade anime series made its debut on G4 and was met with a rather warm reception. If the series has you excited, strap in because we've got a clip for you from Episode 2.

New Clip from Blade Anime Slashes its Way Online

We're just days away from the Friday, January 13th, premiere of the Blade anime series at 11:00 pm on G4TV, and to entice you further into the animated world of the Daywalker, we have the first clip hot and fresh for you right here. Dig it!

Best Idea EVER - New Remake of John Carpenter's The Thing

We've seen the premake and marveled at how good it could have been. Now, with the memory of that box office miss still floating freely in our heads, yet another remake of John Carpenter's classic The Thing has reared its other heads.

New TV Spot for Blade Anime

To get you geared up for the Friday, January 13th, premiere of the Blade anime series at 11:00 pm, G4TV has posted the first ever TV spot for the long awaited toon. As per usual we have it for you right here.

Make a Date with Blade's Anime Series

We've been talking about the anime series based on the Marvel Comics character Blade for a long time now, and finally we have a firm date on just when you can expect to see the Daywalker doing what he does best ... slaying vamps!

Early Artwork for Frank Sudol's Gnome in the Haunted Castle

One of the most badass animators we know currently working in the horror genre, Frank Sudol, has a new creation in the works - Gnome in the Haunted Castle - and we have your first look at some early concept artwork for the flick along with details on where you can get your hands on three of Frank's earlier works just in time for the holidays!

Nick Swardson And TJ Miller Go to Hell & Back

If you find the prospect of burning eternally in an inferno while being tortured incessantly by demons until every ounce of your humanity is stripped away like vultures picking your eyeballs from your cold dead sockets humorous, man, do we have a project to tell you about!