AFM 2013

AFM 2013: Get a Charge Out of This New Artwork for The Battery

More eye candy has been rolling in from AFM at a nice steady pace, and next up is the sales art for the ultra low-budget zombie movie The Battery (review), written and directed by and starring Connecticut native Jeremy Gardner.

AFM 2013: New Mischief Night Sales Art Gets Up Close and Personal

New sales art has hit AFM with a fine SPLAT for the upcoming Halloween-themed home invasion flick Mischief Night, and we've got the bloody goods for you right here!

AFM 2013: Random Artwork: The Woman in Black: Angel of Death, Witching and Bitching, Bela Kiss, Saturday Morning Massacre, Exit to Hell, and All Hallows' Eve

Why so much artwork for just one story? Doesn't each title merit its own space on the news block? Of course, however, the above-mentioned titles are a bit of a special case.

AFM 2013: Olga Kurylenko Signs On for Mara

Another terror tale is on its way courtesy of one of the driving forces behind the Paranormal Activity franchise, and it stars a young lady that none of us would ever mind haunting. Read on for details.

AFM 2013: Rodney Ascher Welcomes You to The Nightmare

Content Film has announced that cult director Rodney Ascher (Room 237) will direct The Nightmare, a disturbing investigation into the demonic visions experienced by victims of sleep paralysis and provoked by Ascher's own unsettling experiences with the condition.

AFM 2013: First Demonic Stills Check In for Next James Wan Horror Flick

Once known as House of Horrors, we have for you right now the first couple of stills from the new film presented by James Wan, Demonic. Check 'em out and bring your holy water. Hey, ya never know!

AFM 2013: Raven Banner Scoops Up Odd Thomas for Up North

Our friends up north in Canada are gonna become really close with Odd Thomas as Raven Banner Entertainment has swooped in and nabbed the Canadian rights! Read on for details.

AFM 2013: First Look at Tony Todd in Dead of the Nite

Next up from AFM is the teaser art for S.J. Evans’ horror film Dead of the Nite, which also happens to be home to your first look at genre favorite Tony Todd! Check it out!

AFM 2013: There's a Bunnyman Massacre on the Horizon

Once titled Bunnyman 2, the sequel to The Bunnyman is now being called The Bunnyman Massacre at AFM, and we have a quick peek at the artwork for ya! Check it out!

AFM 2013: Sin City Sequel Gets a Title Change to Die For

Right now we have some early sales art for the sequel to Sin City which is home to a slight title change; the film was originally called Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, but as you'll see, it's been retitled to Sin City: A Dame to Die For. We almost didn't notice!

AFM 2013: More Random Images of Kristy

The film that started out being called Kristy and then changed to Satanic and then to Random has been renamed back to Kristy, at least for AFM. BTW... My head with pain. In any event, here are some new pics!

AFM 2013: Taylor Kitsch Gets Off on Exit 147

Calm down, ladies. We're not talking about that. Screen Daily is reporting that "Friday Night Lights" star Taylor Kitsch is attached to the upcoming thriller Exit 147, one of three new films being introduced by Umedia at the AFM.

AFM 2013: The Weinsteins Get Ready for Regression

More movie news is coming out of AFM as the Weinsteins are reuniting with The Others director Alejandro Amenabar on a new horror project called Regression starring Ethan Hawke. Read on for details.

AFM 2013: Evil Dead's Lou Taylor Pucci Gets a Spring in His Step

For me, the most memorable character from this year's Evil Dead remake was Eric, played by Lou Taylor Pucci. When can the young actor next be seen starring in a horror flick? Read on to find out!

AFM 2013: Henry Rollins Insists He Never Died

Henry Rollins has been acting for a while now, and it's good to see him come back to the horror genre. Read on for the first details regarding his new project He Never Died.