AFM 2013

AFM 2013: Take a Look at The Beautiful People, The Beautiful People

Great... now we're gonna have that song stuck in our heads all damned day. In any event, yes, more sales art is here, and this time it's for a flick called Beautiful People. Check it out!

AFM 2013: Official Sales Artwork for Sharknado 2 Rips Through the Internet

The Sharknado juggernaut is carving out a path of destruction at this year's AFM, and we have the first good look at the artwork for Sharknado 2: The Second One RIGHT HERE!

AFM 2013: Thomas Jane Has a Bad Case of Somnia

Here's more quick news coming out of the American Film Market as it's been announced that Sierra/Affinity will handle international sales for director Mike Flanagan's Somnia and the incredibly spooky Oculus (review). But wait... there's more!

AFM 2013: Fall into a Camera Trap

Did you actually think that our American Film Market coverage would slip by without a hefty dosage of nature-run-amok type goings-on? Of course not! That would be unheard of! Read on for the first details and artwork for the Camera Trap.

AFM 2013: Panzer 88 Artwork Ready for Combat

And the American Film Market wave of news keeps right on crashing against our shores. Next to hit is the sales artwork for the new horror flick Panzer 88. Dig on it, and look for more on this one really soon.

AFM 2013: Freaky New Sales Art for Rigor Mortis

New sales artwork for the Chinese vampire flick Rigor Mortis has come our way via AFM, and we're not exactly sure why, but it gives us an extreme case of the heebie-jeebies. Check it out.

AFM 2013: Sales Trailer for the Ultra Spooky Copiii: The 1st Entry

The official sales trailer for L. Gustavo Cooper's latest fear film, Copiii: The 1st Entry (review), has arrived thanks to our feathered fiends over at Raven Banner Entertainment. Check it out!

AFM 2013: Experience Mischief Night in December

We've been talking about Richard Schenkman's Halloween-set home invasion flick Mischief Night for quite some time, and we're happy to report that Image Entertainment has finally locked a video release date in stone. The thriller will be available on DVD December 17th!

AFM 2013: Wolf Creek's Greg McLean Gets Territorial

As we wait for the return of Mick Taylor in Wolf Creek 2, the film's director, Greg McLean, already has another fright flick in the works. He's just been brought in to produce a creature feature called Territorial, which you can read all about right here!

AFM 2013: Lemon Tree Passage Brings Supernatural Activity to Australia

Australia's Lemon Tree Passage is the site of many accounts of alleged paranormal activity. The story goes that if you drive really fast down the road, you will see the image of a ghost in your rearview mirror. True? Probably not. Perfect fodder for a horror flick? You betcha.

AFM 2013: Robert Englund Acts His Way into Oblivion in Kantemir

Here's the thing... you can put Robert Englund in just about anything and we'll watch it. Why? Because he's Robert friggin' Englund! You need more of an excuse than that? I mean, come on!

AFM 2013: Warning: Sales Art Under Pressure

Whenever something is billed as "a heart-stopping underwater adventure" and "a taut claustrophobic suspense movie," it immediately has our attention, but the question remains... will Pressure command yours? Read on for details and artwork.

AFM 2013: Badass New Artwork for Jaume Collet-Serra's Mindscape

We've been talking about the Jaume Collet-Serra produced flick Mindscape for a while now and we've shown you several different pieces of artwork. None of which are as good as this AFM sales art!

AFM 2013: Pitof Gets Twisted Online

It's been a really long time since last we heard anything from Catwoman and Vidocq director Pitof, and he hasn't even used all this time off to go and get a last name. What he has done is cook up another horror flick called Twisted. Read on for details.

AFM 2013: Teaser Art for Altered Perception Hits the Bullseye

Back in September we got word that Altered Perception was greenlit by Blanc/Biehn Productions and Small Red Star Productions, and now we have a look at some early teaser art for the film, which kicks off production November 13th in Los Angeles.