AFM 2013

AFM 2013: Image Entertainment Heads to the Outback and Returns with Wolf Creek 2

We told you earlier today that we expected news to continue coming out of the American Film Market over the weekend, and some very big news indeed has just arrived: Image Entertainment has acquired the horror thriller Wolf Creek 2.

AFM 2013: Get Hexed By New Witching & Bitching Art, Stills, and More!

Looking forward to Alex de la Iglesia's Las Brujas de Zugarramurdi, aka Witching and Bitching (review)? Good! You should be! Check out this fresh crop of goodies from AFM!

AFM 2013: Ladies Get Lethal in New Horror Anthology XX

Around here we love our horror-loving ladies. Adore them in fact! That's why we're excited to report that an all-new female-centric anthology is on its way with some great names attached! Read on for details.

AFM 2013: Coherence Lands Distro with Oscilloscope

More distribution news has come out of the American Film Market, and believe us when we tell you this is just the tip of the iceberg being that the show is running until next Wednesday. Lord help us. Up next is news on distro for Coherence (review).

AFM 2013: First Look at the Deadly Dealings Transpiring in the Mojave Desert

On tap right now is your first look at Atlas Independent’s Mojave starring Garrett Hedlund and Oscar Isaac. From writer/director William Monahan (The Departed), Mojave is produced by William Green, William Monahan, and Justine Jones.

AFM 2013: Simon Pegg Wields a Gun and Mustache in First Look at Kill Me Three Times

An Australian film that was originally set to be directed by Wolf Creek's Greg McLean, Kill Me Three Times, got a makeover when it was announced back in May that Red Dog director Kriv Stenders would be helming the project.

AFM 2013: VSC Ensures that All Cheerleaders Die in Canada

Hot on the heels of its premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival, Lucky McKee and Chris Sivertson's All Cheerleaders Die (review) - a remake of an unreleased film they made back in 2001 - was recently picked up for US distribution by Image Entertainment.

AFM 2013: Ellen Barkin, Isla Fisher, and Jim Parsons See Visions

If there's anyone in the genre to keep an eye on at the moment, it's Blumhouse Productions. Founded by Jason Blum, the company has been responsible for many horror hits and needless to say has built up more than enough credibility to warrant being excited about anything and everything they touch.

AFM 2013: Take a Cryptic Look at This Vampire Comedy

What happens when Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels crashes head on with "True Blood"? According to this new one-sheet you get Cryptic. Check out the first stills, the trailer, and more!

AFM 2013: New Genre Label Emerges with Steven Schneider's Estranged and Campbell Grobman Films' Day of the Dead Remake

And the award for wordiest headline of the day goes to... Yeah, you've read it, now read on for details from the madhouse that is AFM.

AFM 2013: New Willow Creek Artwork Is Tent-Slashing Good

Next out of AFM comes some new eye candy for the upcoming sliver of sasquatchploitation from Bobcat Goldthwait, Willow Creek (review). Check it out right here and cancel your camping plans. You don't really wanna take that chance, do ya?

AFM 2013: Eric Roberts Gets Buried Alive

Well, not exactly. Roberts is pretty much a born villain so of course he's the one who's burying the living! Check out the first word, stills, and more regarding Rustin Branaman's new indie horror title Project Solitude: Buried Alive right here!

AFM 2013: Australia Treading Safe Water

New Aussie horror flicks have been popping up non-stop lately, and the next one to swim to our shores at this year's American Film Market is producer Ross Howden and director Nathan Christoffel's Safe Water. Read on for details.

AFM 2013: It's Cowboys vs. Zombies at the Devil's Crossing

James Ryan Gary's Devil's Crossing is a post-apocalyptic zombie western that's been looking to score itself distro for a while now. Can this latest piece of sales art do the trick? Seems like kind of a no-brainer to us.

AFM 2013: First Look at What Happens When Animals Dream

You know, being a female werewolf has to have its drawbacks. Yeah, there's the whole enhanced senses thing, but let's be practical; how long does it usually take a woman to do her hair in the morning? Now imagine if it were all over her! Talk about a pain in the ass. In any event...