Hansel & Gretel Enter Dee Wallace's House of Horrors

We’re used to seeing Dee Wallace as the heroine being terrorized in a myriad of horror films. A new take on the classic fairy tale Hansel & Gretel will let her do the terrorizing for a change, and she may have worse things is store for the brother and sister besides cannibalism.

Barry Sonnenfeld to Lay Down the Lore with Dwayne The Rock Johson

When it comes to mythological creatures who better to shine up a weapon really nice, turn that sumbitch sideways, and shove it straight up their candy asses other than The Rock? That's just what's on the way should director Barry Sonnenfeld jump on board!

Review Showdown: House at the End of the Street vs. Dredd 3D

Can't decide what to see in theatres this weekend? Well, maybe these two reviews will sway you one way or the other. That's right, kids! It's time to decide who's getting your cash this weekend... House at the End of the Street or Dredd 3D!

Another Look at Dredd with Karl Urban, Olivia Thirlby, and More!

Today's the day, kids! Dredd (review) is officially available for mass consumption, and we have a few videos with the stars and a quick look behind the scenes. Watch them now. Pass judgment later.

Misery Heads to the Stage

Even though Carrie didn't work, that's not stopping anyone from adapting Stephen King tales for the stage, and the next project up for the live theatre treatment is the tale of an obsessed fan who knows all about Misery.

NBC Conducting Midnight, Mass.

Yet another comic book adaptation is on its way to the small screen, and we certainly hope that this one fares better than the highly anticipated and tragically cancelled "Locke & Key" project from last year. Read on for details.

Casting Update for Lifetime's Witches of East End Pilot

A few days ago we learned that Jenna Dewan would be playing one of Julia Ormond's daughters in Lifetime's "Witches of East End," and now we know who's been cast as her sister. Read on for the details of the latest Beauchamp family member as well as two male actors who'll be joining her in the pilot.

Gear Up for a New Dredd Featurette

We are just a few days away from the release of Dredd (review), and to keep you in the spirit of things, we have a new featurette detailing everything the good judge needs to render his unique verdicts on the bad guys! Dig it!

HBO and Guillermo del Toro Open The Nutshell Diaries

You know what Guillermo del Toro needs? More projects, man! If we didn't know any better, we'd swear the guy has a secret factory somewhere that does nothing but pop out clones to help him juggle multiple projects.

Michael Dorn Clings On to Castlevania Role

We've been talking about a film version of the Konami video game Castlevania for what feels like forever now, and finally some news has come from a rather unexpected place. That's just how it is sometimes. Read on!

Sylvester Stallone Tracking Creatures in the Arctic Circle in Hunter

It's utterly amazing to us how Sylvester Stallone still continues to kick an incredible amount of ass given his age, but we're happy he's still doing his thing. Next up for Sly is an adaptation of a book that will pit him against more than just the cold in the Arctic Circle.

Exclusive: Writer Alex Garland Discusses Dredd 3D, the Future of the 28 Days Later Franchise and More

This Friday, September 21st, Lionsgate is set to release Pete Travis' face-smashingly fun Dredd (review) in theaters everywhere, reintroducing the iconic character in a far more befitting manner than a certain Sly Stallone flick did back in 1995.

More Casting News for Lifetime's Witches of East End

At the end of August we got the news that Julia Ormond would be starring as the matriarch in Lifetime's pilot "Witches of East End," and now we know who'll be playing one of her witchy daughters.

Exclusive: Karl Urban Talks Cutting His Own Dialogue, the Future and More for Dredd 3D

Even though we had the opportunity to chat with Dredd (review) star Karl Urban during the 2012 SDCC, we didn't get to cover everything we wanted to with the actor behind the iconic helmet so we jumped at the chance to get on the phone with Urban during a recent press day for the film.

Exclusive Interview: John Shirley Talks Resident Evil: Retribution - The Official Movie Novelization

Dread Central recently had an opportunity to chat with author John Shirley to discuss several of his novels, including Resident Evil: Retribution: The Official Movie Novelization, Bioshock: Rapture, Borderlands: The Fallen and many more.