The Brothers Pastor

Last Days, The (Los Ultimos Dias) (2013)

Starring Quim Gutiérrez, José Coronado, Marta Etura Directed by David Pastor and Àlex Pastor

Spend Your Last Days Watching this International Trailer

The last time we told you about The Last Days (aka Los Ultimos Dias) was way over a year ago, but finally we have the international trailer for this upcoming apocalyptic flick from Álex and David Pastor for you to spend your remaining moments with.

Spend Your Last Days Looking at Artwork

Yep, if you had just a couple of minutes left to live, you know that you'd spend it looking over classic one-sheets like the ones for Dawn of the Dead, Alien, Jaws, anything El Santo related ... Well okay, maybe not, but we do have some fresh art for you from the latest post-apocalyptic feel good flick, The Last Days.