Jed Shepherd and Trevor Henderson On ‘The Blair Witch Project,’ Their New Video Game, and More [Watch]

They have a lot of exciting projects on the horizon...


The world of digital horror is constantly being shaped by incredible content creators. But two people at the forefront of creating new visions of horror are director and writer Jed Shepherd and illustrator Trevor Henderson. Shepherd horrified audiences with 2020 found footage film Host. Henderson has created terrifying creatures like Sirenhead and shown how found footage can exist in static images. So, of course, the two have come together to collaborate on quite a few projects. First up is Flicker, a short visual novel with a story by Shepherd and illustrations by Henderson.

In honor of Flicker, Shepherd and Henderson spoke with Mary Beth McAndrews about all things horror, monsters, and online rituals.

Watch the full interview below:

Buy your copy of Flicker here.

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