Source Name:Video ETASource Url:http://videoeta.com/movie/112822Post Thumb:/may11/newards.jpgGallery Image:'/may11/ward8', '/may11/ward9', '/may11/ward10', '/may11/ward11' ,'/may11/ward12', '/may11/ward7', '/may11/tward1', '/may11/tward2', '/may11/tward3', '/may11/tward4', '/may11/tward5', '/may11/tward6', Check it out, kids! Thus far we've gotten the theatrical and VOD release dates for John Carpenter's latest tale of terror and mayhem,

Post Thumb:/may11/newards.jpgGallery Image:'/may11/ward8', '/may11/ward9', '/may11/ward10', '/may11/ward11' ,'/may11/ward12', '/may11/ward7', '/may11/tward1', '/may11/tward2', '/may11/tward3', '/may11/tward4', '/may11/tward5', '/may11/tward6', Finally the wait is over. The official U.S. trailer for John Carpenter's The Ward has been released, and we have every single second of it right

Source Name:MovieFoneSource Url:http://blog.moviefone.com/2011/05/20/the-ward-john-carpenter-poster/Post Thumb:/may11/newards.jpgA damned fine new one-sheet for John Carpenter's The Ward hit this crazy little thing called the interwebs and we have every ghoul grappling pixel of it right here for your perusal along with the official UK