Written by Stephen Volk Published by Spectral Press After framing a slice of gripping historical fiction around the subject of a retired Peter Cushing in the thoroughly excellent Whitstable (review), author Stephen Volk turns his sights to another legend of cinema: Alfred

Cover art:reviews/creakers-cover.jpgWritten by Paul Kane Introduction by Sarah Pinborough Published by Spectral Press Creakers. We’ve all lived or stayed in one at some point of our lives – those houses whose inexplicable groans and audible timber contortions fill many a pitch black evening

Cover art:reviews/eyesofwater.jpgWritten by Alison Littlewood Published by Spectral Press Part of the ongoing chapbook series by British small press outfit Spectral Press, Alison Littlewood’s short tale The Eyes of Water takes us on a startlingly realised journey into claustrophobia, natural beauty, and