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Bailee StrangersPreyatNight 336x175 - 5 Criminally Underrated Slasher Sequels To Watch This Holiday Weekend
November 23, 2022

We demand justice for these under-appreciated follow-up efforts.

Campy Scream for Help
July 1, 2022

These horror films may not scare you, but they will satiate your craving for schlock.

Jason X space
April 20, 2022

Slashers that go to space are fun and you can't tell us otherwise.

JASON X Dread Central 336x176 - Horror History: Space Horror Epic JASON X Is Now 19 Years Old
April 26, 2021

On this day in horror history, director Jim Isaac's tenth entry in the FRIDAY THE 13th franchise JASON X opened

Gozilla King Kong Jason Friday the 13th Jason x Dread Central Godzilla vs Kong edited 336x175 - GODZILLA VS KONG Director Now Reveals New Hidden JASON X Reference
April 23, 2021

GODZILLA VS KONG director Adam Wingard confirms no one caught his reference to the FRIDAY THE 13TH sequel JASON X.

event horizon 28 336x197 - 10 Movies That Now PROVE Horror Takes Place in Space
April 7, 2021

10 movies that PROVE horror takes place in space including Alien, Event Horizon, Dark Star, Leprechaun 4, and more.

Jason X
March 19, 2021

Tyler Doupe' defends JASON X as being much better than we remember!

Jason X space
March 2, 2021

Director Jim Isaac & writer Todd Farmer's space-set Friday the 13th sequel Jason X with Kane Hodder is now streaming

January 12, 2021

There are some ideas in the collective horror canon that seem so obvious their recurrent snubs strain credulity. These are

TCM TNG Banner 336x189 - Top 10 Horror Franchise Installments That "Jumped the Shark"
November 12, 2020

“Jumping the Shark” is a term that dates back to the television series Happy Days. The episode where Fonzie jumped