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'Insidious Chapter 2' Courtesy of Blumhouse Productions
January 6, 2023
The ‘Malignant’ director has his eye on remaking two of the most iconic horror camp classics from the 1980s. Learn more now.
FreeVee Texas Chainsaw Massacre
August 16, 2022
We look back on ten beloved horror films that you can currently stream at no cost on Amazon’s FreeVee service!
May 14, 2021
Choose Your Own Adventure meets some of your favorite 80s scary movies like CHOPPING MALL and MONSTER SQUAD and more in killer new art series
November 19, 2020
Attention, shoppers! The protectors are back online. Cyber Monday means Cyber Security and this year, it’s PERSONAL CHOPPING. Run, don’t […]
October 29, 2020
Los Angeles made headlines after the county’s department of public health announced it was cancelling Halloween due to COVID-19. They […]
September 23, 2020
As a video store clerk in the mid-‘90s, my favorite thing to do was re-shelve the horror section. The box […]
June 30, 2020
Join Charles and Loyd as they go over the hump of the 80’s and into 1986! Discussions will include the […]
May 15, 2020
In a time when comfort viewing is more valuable than ever, Fright-Rags recognizes cult classic films of the ’80s and […]
March 21, 2020
The quintessentially ’80s horror movie Chopping Mall was released on this day back in 1986. A bonafide cult classic, the […]
December 6, 2019
The latest film from Dread Presents (the horror distribution arm of our parent company, Epic Pictures) is Automation, a techno-thriller […]
September 7, 2019
Well, file this under “One of my favorite things ever!” Instagram user Great Guignol – perhaps a reference to Le […]
March 21, 2018
As some of you might know, director Robert Hall (Laid to Rest) has a remake of Jim Wynorski’s Chopping Mall […]