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March 31, 2021
Cavity Colors’ new series of Godzilla vs Kong apparel goes on sale today at 2 PM (PST) 5 PM (EST) including shirts, hoodies, joggers and more
June 8, 2020
Nice! Cavity Colors has an awesome shirt available based on John R. Cherry’s classic kid horror-comedy Ernest Scared Stupid with […]
April 20, 2020
Horror fans aren’t sure how the COVID-19 pandemic will affect our favorite holiday in the Fall, but we’re about halfway […]
September 29, 2018
Embrace your inner wolf. One of my favorite horror movies in recent years in Patrick Brice and Mark Duplass’ found footage […]
August 5, 2018
Hero Ash returns! This Wednesday, Cavity Colors’ highly requested return of their licensed “Hero Ash” design by Devon Whitehead will […]
July 30, 2018
Cavity Colors has just unveiled their new collection of Elvira Mistress of the Dark merch and you can check it […]
June 12, 2018
Cavity Colors has just announced an all-new collection based on James Cameron’s action classic Terminator 2: Judgement Day starring Arnold […]
May 30, 2018
Cavity Colors has just announced Part 1 of their official collection based on Adam Green’s insane bloodbath of a film, […]
May 4, 2018
“Wish You Were… Dead!” Cavity Colors has an awesome 72-hour sale going on as we speak featuring some killer new […]
March 31, 2018
Groovy. If you’re a fan of Sam Raimi’s Evil Dead 2 (and truthfully who isn’t?) then you’ll want to grab this […]
March 26, 2018
I don’t know about you but I’m a major fan of director Adam Wingard and screenwriter Simon Barrett’s home invasion […]
April 18, 2016
I’m not exactly sure when it happened or why it happened, but at some point in the early part of […]