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alien vs predator anime netflix 336x176 - Fox Completed Netflix ALIEN VS. PREDATOR Anime Before Disney Merger?
March 5, 2020

According to The Perfect Organism Podcast – who claims to have been in regular contact with several key players at

AVP R Skinned Predator 336x176 - Skinned Predators & Other Things We Didn’t See in AVP: REQUIEM
January 7, 2019

Ever since the release of Shane Black’s The Predator on Blu-ray/DVD and VOD last month, we’ve seen a torrent of

May 5, 2017

While yesterday was Star Wars Day, today brings a more important cause for celebration as it’s Lance Henriksen’s birthday! The

December 29, 2016

If you’ve been following Dark Horse’s recent Xenoverse titles, you’ll know that they’ve been releasing a series of interconnected stories

July 26, 2016

As they tend to do, NECA came out swinging at this past weekend’s San Diego Comic-Con, unveiling all sorts of

May 18, 2016

As part of Dark Horse’s plan to hugely expand the AvP universe, there’s gonna be a ton of new Alien

March 23, 2016

A massive summer blockbuster by way of March, Zack Snyder’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice flies into theaters this

February 9, 2015

There’s nothing like seeing two menacing monsters go face-to-face with each other, mano e mano. We’ll get to see that

November 11, 2014

Over in Sweden a house just went up for sale that looks totally normal from the outside. In fact, it’s

December 22, 2012

Post Thumb: /dec12/scarpreds.jpg If you wind up with any cash at the end of this holiday season, you may want