Swedish House Is a Predator Fan’s Dream Home; For Sale!

By John Squires

Over in Sweden a house just went up for sale that looks totally normal from the outside. In fact, it’s likely that you’d pass by it without even batting an eye. But it’s what’s on the inside that counts, as everyone always says, and what’s on the inside of this unassuming house is going to blow your mind!

A gallery posted over on Imgur today provides a pictorial tour of the house, which is quite frankly one of the coolest fan caves we’ve ever laid eyes on. In fact, calling it a house is almost doing it a disservice because it’s more like the set of a Predator film that you can live inside of.

Nearly the entire house has a Predator theme, with life-sized statues and various masks lining the walls. But the memorabilia is merely the tip of this deliciously geeky iceberg, as the home theater and various other rooms in the house are guaranteed to leave your jaw on the floor.

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Check out the full gallery below, and click here for the real estate listing – which is entirely in Swedish.