Haunting, A: Season 4 (DVD)


A Haunting: Season 4 DVD review (click for larger image)Reviewed by Uncle Creepy

Narrated by Anthony Call

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Looking back on my review for A Haunting: Seasons 1-3, I referred to this bit of programming as “pound for pound the scariest show ever aired on TV”. I meant every word of it too. However, sometimes as a series goes on, it has a tendency to jump the shark. To lose all the steam that jettisoned it to the top of the must watch/own list. I’m happy to say that A Haunting: Season 4 keeps the spooky coming without missing a single beat.

No matter what you believe about ghosts or the supernatural, there’s no denying that sometimes things happen that cannot be explained. Things that end up being completely frightening for all those involved and all who hear about it. What A Haunting does differently than most shows of its ilk is create re-enactments while the true-to-life victims plead their case(s), and evidence to support said case(s) like recordings or pictures is displayed for viewers to draw their own conclusions from. These stories are never handled in too much of an over-the-top, cheesy fashion although some episodes ride that line pretty closely. In the end, having the folks who experienced said phenomenon along for the ride definitely lends to the show’s credibility. Especially when it’s not just your average John Q. Public.

A Haunting: Season 4 DVD review (click for larger image)One of Season 4’s stories centers upon an occurrence that happened to legendary jazz guitarist Eddie Benitez. Here’s a guy with nothing to gain from telling his tale. He’s already got celebrity and isn’t searching for his fifteen minutes. He just wants the events of his experience told. Eddie and his family moved into an Arizona home only to find that it was haunted by its former owner, a recently paroled white power preaching racist, who wanted to hurt the Latino family for daring to take over his digs. And hurt them it does.

That’s another thing I love about A Haunting. The stories here have no friendly ghosts. They aren’t about unrequited love or some boring sappy crap like that. Every tale in the set is that of a nightmare. Spirits and demons so evil that you cannot help but get just a little bit nervous when watching this show alone or, in my case, watching it while my significant other is asleep next to me. Good thing she’s there for me to hang onto like a koala bear on a branch when I get too spooked!

The only negative thing I can really say is that just like the collections before it, there are no special features to be found at all. Pity too. I’d love to hear how stories are selected or get a better look at what evidence is there to back said tales up.

Bottom line — If you’re looking for quickie “true” tales of the unknown that center upon restless spirits with bad intentions or demons in need of exorcisms, A Haunting has your fix! It delivers all that it should with enough terror to give even the most jaded of individuals pause for thought. Highly recommended! Night light not included.

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