WolfCop (2014)

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wolfcop dude poster s - WolfCop (2014)Starring Leo Fafard, Jonathan Cherry, Amy Matysio, Sarah Lind, Aidan Devine, Corrine Conley

Written and directed by Lowell Dean

The initial buzz surrounding WolfCop was that it had the potential to be this year’s Sharknado. With a ton of online viewings of the trailer and a crowdfunded campaign to create a WolfCop action figure, it seems that it certainly has the potential to take off like Sharknado did. However, WolfCop is actually a much better effort than its aquatic predecessor.

The title pretty much tells you what you need to know. WolfCop is the story of a lycanthropic sheriff’s deputy who uses alcohol like Popeye uses spinach. In addition to the werewolf, the film also contains some shapeshifters to spice things up. Where Sharknado’s F/X work was laughable, the effects are among the strengths of WolfCop. Loads of practical work highlight this picture and, in addition to the comedy of the whole thing, should please plenty of viewers. The cornerstone to any werewolf movie is, of course, the transformation scene, and WolfCop delivers. You’ll see some of the standard snarling human with wolven eyes that is commonly found in werewolf movies, but there are plenty of different takes on the transformation that the audience will definitely enjoy. Some add to the comedy, but much of WolfCop’s turning is just cool practical F/X work for your bloody viewing pleasure.

There are some limited digital effects in the film as well, but thankfully they are used only sparingly as they are certainly not nearly as strong as when director Lowell Dean spills blood the old fashioned way.

Leo Fafard stars as Deputy Sheriff Lou Garou, who suddenly finds himself unable to maintain a close, smooth shave, and not long after he’s overtaken by his wolven side. Fafard is perfectly cast in the role. He even has a slight wolf-like appearance in his human form, adding to the believability of the character. He is assisted in figuring out just what is happening to him by local whackjob Willie Higgins. Higgins is played by Jonathan Cherry, who provides fantastic comedy relief. Yes, the film is a horror-comedy and the entire premise is tongue-in-cheek, but it’s Cherry’s performance that will have you laughing out loud. Great timing and hilarious delivery. Nicely done!

The super-sexy Sarah Lind plays Jessica Barratt (a possible word play from another screen siren, Jessica Rabbit, perhaps). Whether dressed as a barmaid or Little Red Riding Hood, Lind heats up the screen in a big way. Her rival, Officer Tina Walsh (Amy Matysio), is a character that gets increasingly cooler as the movie rolls on. Stick with her; you’ll dig Tina as well.

WolfCop is loaded with attempts at comedy. And you’ll know pretty early on whether you’re going to enjoy it or not. The story is not going to blow you away so it’s the F/X work and the humor that are going to entice you. There are plenty of wolfy references to things like The Boy Who Cried Wolf and the aforementioned Little Red Riding Hood. But in addition to that are the unfamiliar situations in which we find our werewolf. Whether it’s firing off a machine gun, slugging down bourbon or smoking a cigarette, WolfCop takes our hairy hero to places we don’t normally see wolfmen. And it works.

After all the gore and laughs, WolfCop> brings you some pretty cool action as well that is somewhat reminiscent of The Toxic Avenger (although not quite as over-the-top gory). As a fellow monster out to clean up the streets, WolfCop often finds himself dispatching of the vermin in the same violent fashion that made us fall in love with Toxie. That’s not to say that this story is destined to have the same legs The Toxic Avenger, but it’s certainly an entertaining ride.

Would it be a little much to say that WolfCop is the best Canadian export since Pamela Anderson? Yes, it would be. The story is pretty simple, and some heavy-handed digital effects detract from the total package. But overall it’s a fun time at the movies. And isn’t that what it’s all about? You will laugh out loud and see some cool werewolf transformations and bloody battle scenes. This is a movie that knows exactly what it is and is basically winking at the audience the entire time. If you enjoy a horror-comedy that’s just out for a laugh and never takes itself too seriously, you’ll enjoy WolfCop.

mobF - WolfCop (2014)mobF - WolfCop (2014)mobF - WolfCop (2014)mobH - WolfCop (2014)3 1/2 out of 5

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Written by Scott Hallam

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