Art of The Last of Us, The (Book)

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The Art of The Last of Us (Book)Edited by Rachel Edidin

Published by Dark Horse

The Last of Us was announced at the 2011 Spike Video Game Awards and remained one of the most anticipated new titles ever since. Though it was delayed a couple of times, The Last of Us finally released exclusively for PlayStation 3 on June 14th, 2013, and today, June 19th, Dark Horse unveils The Art of The Last of Us, which features over 170 pages of amazing artwork from the game.

By picking up the book, fans can enjoy early concept art from the development of the game, including the creation of protagonists Joel and Ellie. The unlikely duo team up in this post-pandemic world after being exiled from the “safety” of their quarantine zone. The concept art shows off the many stages of evolution of Joel and Ellie, how colorless drawings were used to more accurately portray the characters’ emotions, how different costumes were designed for the characters for different weather conditions and various situations, and more. Also included in The Art of The Last of Us are character biographies for these two and plenty of details on the events that happen to the pair throughout the duration of the game’s campaign.

The Last of Us is a huge game full of all sorts of characters in addition to Joel and Ellie, and you’ll learn more about them throughout the pages of The Art of The Last of Us as well. There are many that have been close to the game’s two protagonists during their lives and will be featured in the upcoming game, and there are also plenty of others that will help the duo on their journey throughout the game. There are those that would hinder Joel and Ellie on their quest, too, and the most important characters of the game are highlighted in The Art of The Last of Us so that you will better understand them and what their lives were like at one point. And of course there are drawings of the infected fungus monsters that are always a looming threat in the game. All of these characters are shown in great detail, and fans can really learn a lot more about The Last of Us by reading through the art book both before and after playing the game.

The Last of Us is a gorgeous game that is clearly illustrated throughout the pages of The Art of The Last of Us. Stunning detail is crammed into every environment of the game, from the dilapidated bedroom of a little girl to the moss-covered streets of a once bustling city. There’s even a special introduction by Creative Director Neil Druckmann and Game Director Bruce Straley, in which they talk about first becoming involved with The Last of Us and the creation of Joel and Ellie as lead characters for their game.

Needless to say, The Art of The Last of Us is a good read from start to finish and definitely belongs on the bookshelves of fans of the game.

4 out of 5

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