Ecko Rising (Book)

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Ecko Rising (Book)Written by Danie Ware

Published by Titan Books

Ecko Rising is a novel that manages to blend fantasy and sci-fi with a sarcastic anti-hero. Our journey begins with Ecko awakening in an alternate dimension where he is engrossed within his own satirical fantasy world. Now he must overcome his deepest fears and save the world from extermination. Ecko Rising is the debut novel of Danie Ware but reads more like that of a veteran storyteller with engaging characters and a polished storyline.

The story takes plan in a dystopian, sci-fi world that has been beautifully woven with elements of fantasy lore. Ware manages to keep the reader anxiously awaiting what the characters will do next with her enigmatic mystery and charm. We are introduced to our cynical hired gun Ecko, who embarks on a mission that goes terribly wrong. After almost being killed, he awakens to find that he has been slapped right in the middle of a most peculiar world that is something straight out of a sci-fi/fantasy movie. Ecko doesn’t know whether to believe that his mind has created this alternate world or if it has something to do with his antagonist Doctor Grey. Either way, he must find a way to survive the perils ahead and save the day in the process.

Ecko is sarcastic, witty and overall likable; even if he isn’t what you would expect from a hero, you can identify with him and what he stands for. The reader is thrust into two separate worlds: Future London is dark, terrifying and restricted while the world Ecko finds himself thrust into is free, open and stunningly beautiful. We explore the underbelly of the darker world with the beauty of the new one with constant comparisons from Ecko’s feelings and feedback. The fact that the worlds are built with intricate detail is genuinely impressive and awe-inspiring.

Ecko Rising ends with a wicked conclusion, and we eagerly await to see where our next adventure takes us. The only flaw I found with the book was the unknown terminology, which improves over the course of the story as you became more familiar with the world. Ware’s vibrancy and detail added to the cultured fantasy escapade with its exquisitely fun flair and far exceeded expectations with its risky blend of sci-fi and fantasy. With a sequel on its way, we can only expect that Ecko will continue to rise to higher platforms of greatness.

In a futuristic London where technological body modification is the norm, Ecko stands alone as a testament to the extreme capabilities of his society. Driven half mad by the systems running his body, Ecko is a criminal for hire. No job is too dangerous or insane. When a mission goes wrong and Ecko finds himself catapulted across dimensions into a peaceful and unadvanced society living in fear of ‘magic’, he must confront his own perceptions of reality and his place within it.

A thrilling debut, Ecko Rising explores the massive range of the sci-fi and fantasy genres and the possible implications of pitting them against one another. Author Danie Ware creates an immersive and richly imagined world that readers will be eager to explore in the first book in this exciting new trilogy.

4 out of 5

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