Remember Me (Video Game)

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Remember Me (Video Game)Published by Capcom

Developed by Dontnod Entertainment

Rated M for Mature

Available for Xbox 360 (reviewed), PS3 and PC

Capcom’s Remember Me is a refreshing and stunning new title that is unlike any other game released this year. It is not often that you see a title that combines a multifaceted story alongside intriguing gameplay where the protagonist is a woman who can hold her own. Nilin is a smart character and doesn’t rely heavily on her womanly assets (looks or boobs) to get the job done. Remember Me is one game that won’t be forgotten anytime soon!

Remember Me revolves around the memory hunter Nilin during the year 2084 in Neo-Paris. The memory business is a dangerous place; the game starts out with Nilin severely pissing off her employer MEMORIZE, and she ultimately ends up getting her memory wiped. Sensen is an Sensation Engine that is implanted into the brain that allows 99% of the population to record and upload their memories to the net. MEMORIZE specializes in aiding individuals in recording all their memories so they can play them back anytime they want. This is done in much the same way as we use photographs and video to capture special moments today via our smartphones and upload them to social networking websites. We get a glimpse of how Sensen works through a cleverly constructed infomercial that is played at the start of the game. We soon learn that Nilin is part of a freedom fighter unit with plans to take out the company along with Sensen in order to save humanity from its dystopian future.

Nilin stumbles around the white corridors of a high-tech laboratory as she is guided to an area where the wipe can be completed. Before the final wipe is completed, Nilin is saved by one of her revolutionary friends, Edge, who causes a distraction for her to escape. Although the prologue is long and drawn out, the game gets exciting very quickly. The cut-scenes here showcase the cinematic edge of Remember Me while utilizing the game’s complex combo system to dodge and navigate your way to safety. Remember Me focuses heavily on precise timing and memory remix sequences as part of the core gameplay components.

After harrowingly escaping the grip of a large robot, Nilin manages to find a way out with the guidance of Edge and slides down a metal chute that leads out of the lab. Now the action truly kicks in as Nilin must track down her lost memories in order to continue her plan with taking down MEMORIZE and destroying Sensen. You may wonder what is so terrible about MEMORIZE and what they are doing. Well, MEMORIZE has utilized this new technology in such a way that they can peek into anyone’s life, and Sensen becomes a surveillance tool that records everything they do, which gives them extreme power over the population. Basically, if you look at how our population has made everything in life digital through computers, smartphones and the internet and then sharing our life with complete strangers through Facebook and Twitter–well, basically Remember Me is a glimpse into our own future at the rate we are going.

Once you are out into the city, then the game starts to mix platforming with combat as you leap around buildings and hanging ledges with simplistic ease. The world around you and the details of Neo-Paris are stunningly beautiful. Obviously, intricate care was put into the city’s buildings and population–so it is ultimately sad that the most interaction you have with the people along the streets is bumping into them, and that’s it. However, exploration in the game is very satisfying due to the entertaining level designs and all the new tricks you can master. Some parts of the game are slow and often predictable, but that is a small hiccup compared to everything else it has to offer. The best part of Remember Me is the ability to create and mix your own combos and testing your skills in the memory remixer. As the game progresses, this adds even more replay value and difficulty to an already fun game.

Memory remixing involves arranging the memory of another person to further your own goals by finding glitches that you can manipulate to create the memory you want. Memory remixes are like intricate, complex puzzles throughout Remember Me and take time and patience just like creating your own combos. If you like to just press buttons and continue on, then these will probably not be as interesting to you as they would be to someone who enjoys solving puzzles.

Remember Me is a solid game that offers up a satisfying and rewarding gameplay experience through beautiful graphics, enjoyable music and an intriguing storyline. I greatly enjoyed the game and found it to be quite refreshing and unique since it manages to stand out in a crowded market of titles that all try to be the same.

Remember Me will be available for purchase on June 4th from most major retailers for the price of $59.99. To learn more, visit the official Remember Me website.

Game Features:

  • Single Player
  • Memory Remix
  • Combo Lab
  • DLC Support
  • Trophy/Achievement Support

    4 out of 5

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