Metro Last Light (Video Game)

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Metro Last Light (Video Game)Published by Deep Silver

Developed by 4A Games

Rated M for Mature

Available for Xbox 360, PC (reviewed) and PS3

Metro: Last Light was picked up by Deep Silver when THQ went under earlier this year, and we are definitely glad they did. Gamers will find, within minutes of playing, that Metro Last Light isn’t like any other first-person shooter they have played before and offers up one hell of a ride.

4AGames has managed to draw the player into an intricately detailed world with Metro: Last Light that is horrifically dark and bloody. The game’s plot and dialogue come from the creative depths of Dmitry Glukhovsky’s (author of the Metro book series) mind and he once again shows us what a real storyteller is capable of.

Metro: Last Light has players assuming the role of our protagonist Artyom and his journey through a post-apocalyptic Moscow. He is a fierce solider within one of the struggling groups trying to gain supremacy within the decimated undergrounds of the city. In the previous game (Metro 2033), players were tasked with killing the hordes of mutants that scoured amid the cities, but now in Last Light, your goal is to find the Dark One. The new journey is not only one of personal gain, but also to save all of the human race.

The original game introduced us to the world of Metro were scavenging for supplies was just as important as gunning down your enemies to survive. The game continues under this same premise with ammo and other resources being scarce within the dark tunnels and emphasis is placed on being stealthily in order to conserve what you have.

In order to go unnoticed then you will have to spend extra energy turning out lights in order to sneak past both humans and beasts alike. The shadows become your friend as you try to survive this post-apocalyptic nightmare with new threats around every corner. Once you are above ground then things get even more chaotic as you are continuously having to worry about changing the filters on your gas mask so you don’t choke on the toxic air around you. If you need an extra reminder of how short life is then you can watch the timer count down until you run out of air–giving you the exact time of your death if you don’t find or replace the filters on your mask. No pressure here at all!

The graphics and presentation in Metro: Last Light are highly impressive and only compliments the seamless, tight combat mechanics. The extra attention to detail here really makes up for the game’s inconsistent and terrible AI. Last Light has done an excellent job of telling a powerful story amongst a ruined and monster infested world. As the title suggests, light is a powerful tool, and can be utilized to the player’s benefit. One example is that the flashlight can be used against the spider-like monsters within the game and guide the player to safety within its dark corridors. On the other hand, light in certain places can draw attention to you and alert enemies to your whereabouts which alternately puts you in extreme peril. This means light is a potent tool that can either harm or help you depending on how your strategically manipulate it.

Metro: Last Light is one adventure worth undertaking with around 10-12 hours of gameplay and players will be taken down a dark road that many of you may not survive. The game is eerily sinister and spine-chilling and manages to be unique enough that it rises above all of the other first-person shooters out there right now. The title has seen an overhaul in the physics department and lighting has been vastly improved for an overall better gameplay experience.

Metro: Last Light releases on May 14, 2013 in North America for the PlayStation 3, the Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system from Microsoft, and Windows PC. To learn more, visit the official Metro: Last Light website.

Game Features

  • Single Player
  • DLC Support
  • Trophy/Achievement Support

    3 1/2 out of 5

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