Homunculus: A Tale of Langdon St. Ives (Book)

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Homunculus (Book)Written by James P. Blaylock

Published by Titan Books

Homunculus: A Tale of Langdon St. Ives was first published in 1986 and is the second book by James P. Blaylock to be published by Titan Books. Our story starts with the presence of a mysterious airship that is circling the skies of Victorian London. The ship’s secrets are wanted by several which include the Royal Society, a deceitful evangelist, a wicked vivisectionist, a malicious millionaire and various party members led by explorer and scientist Professor Langdon St. Ives. Ives is tasked with keeping the alien homunculus out of the hands of the evil Ignacio Narbondo–but will he succeed?

Homunculus: A Tale of Langdon St. Ives is the follow-up to The Aylesford Skull and is written with the same amount of flair and fast-paced action. The book is so cleverly written that you almost feel like you are in the 1900s and actually experiencing the steampunk adventure for yourself. Blaylock vividly paints the story’s vibrant Victorian setting combined with bizarre fantasy elements straight into the reader’s mind.

Professor Ives is an eccentric character who plans to build a spaceship in 1875. Yes, you heard that right. A Tale of Langdon St. Ives sets out to be a unique story that was definitely ahead of its time in 1986 with such an extravagant plot featuring the undead and extraterrestrials. In this witty and smart story, you have your good and bad guys, and of course, both want the same items. Each character is written with the stereotypical features you would expect of them. It is within these marvelous plot points and peculiar characters that the book really shines above the rest.

Homunculus: A Tale of Langdon St. Ives is an aged story that still manages to maintain its charm today. Everything about the book is odd, mysterious and horrifying–just the way we like it here at Dread Central! Readers enter into a magical universe blended with steampunk vigor that is displayed in true grandiose fashion.

Homunculus: A Tale of Langdon St. Ives is one of the best books ever written by Blaylock, and if you haven’t picked it up yet, then be sure to visit the EvilShop below and grab your copy.

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4 1/2 out of 5

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