Lord Kelvin’s Machine (Book)

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Lord Kelvin's Machine (Book)Written by James P. Blaylock

Published by Titan Books

The murder of his beloved wife is almost too much for Langdon St. Ives to bear, and the only thing that keeps him going is getting revenge for her death. The person responsible for this hideous crime is his arch enemy Dr. Ignacio Narbondo, but will Ives be able to carry out his plans in his fragile emotional state?

Lord Kelvin’s Machine originally released in 1992 and now twenty-one years later it is set to be the third Langdon St. Ives’ books by James P. Blaylock to be published by Titan Books. The book features the star of the series, scientist and our hero St. Ives, and the evil hunchback Narbondo.

Lord Kelvin’s Machine has a lot going on, but one thing that is steady throughout the plot is St. Ives mental state which manages to wreak chaos around him. As St. Ives mental state deteriorates so does everything around him, and this is were we join his frantic and out of control adventures.
If losing his wife wasn’t enough, St. Ives must also find a way to shift a meter out of the path of Earth before all humankind is destroyed. This puts our character on a strange path of discovering why ships are sinking within the English Channel and simultaneously trying to derive a plan to save his wife Alice by using Lord Kelvin’s mysterious machine.

Subtle hints throughout the book lead the reader to speculate what the machine does, but you will only find out toward the very end, which adds a great deal of suspense to the plot. Dr. Ignacio Narbondo wishes to possess the machine to control the world while our heartbroken St. Ives just wants to save his beloved. It is a race against time in this Victorian steampunk adventure. Will our hero save the world and his wife? Or will the machine fall into the evil hands of Narbondo?

The compelling novel, Lord Kelvin’s Machine, takes the reader on an adventure against time and shows us the true power of love and devotion even in the face of evil and destruction. The book is a must-read and you can visit the official Titan Books website to buy your copy today!

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3 out of 5

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