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himindoorss - Him Indoors (Short)Starring Reece Shearsmith, Pollyanna McIntosh, Seelan Gunaseelan

Directed by Paul Davis

As much as we all love the horror genre, we do have to admit that some of the projects we see can become a bit repetitive at times. However, when a film comes along like Paul Davis’ Him Indoors, the unique nature of the work puts a smile on our faces.

The synopsis of this 11-minute film will help you to understand how enjoyable and fresh it is. Him Indooors is the story of Gregory Brewster. He’s a bit of a homebody. Actually, it would be more correct to say that Gregory is an agoraphobic who is crippled with fear at the mere thought of going outside. Unfortunately for Gregory, his mum, who he seems to have relied on to do most things for him, has passed away, and being unable to function like an normal person, Gregory now finds himself about to be evicted from his flat. Oh, and I should also mention that Gregory is a homicidal maniac.

You would never spot the psychotic streak in Gregory. His innocent neighbor Lizzie (played by Pollyanna McIntosh, the woman from The Woman) certainly doesn’t. The “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood” ensemble he wears certainly doesn’t scream “killer.” But now, facing eviction and being cast out of his comfortable flat into the brutal outside world, Gregory has devised an excellent plan that combines his love of the indoors with his murderous streak to help solve all his problems. And everything is going smashingly…until she shows up.

Writer-director Davis brings us this rare horror/comedy that actually contains a disturbing moment or two. There’s very little in the way of F/X work in this picture, but the few instances where they are used are impressive and effective. The film is very much a comedy, but when you look past the fun, quirky nature of Gregory and actually see what an incredibly disturbed individual he is, you can enjoy Him Indoors from a much different angle.

Reece Shearsmith in the role of Gregory is brilliant. He has a Mr. Bean like oddness about him. He’s uncomfortable in his own skin, and Shearsmith plays the part beautifully. Clown and cold-blooded killer in one role, Shearsmith carries the film, making us laugh and cringe several times during the brief runtim.

And Pollyanna McIntosh, no stranger to physical acting, does a great job with the comedy of the film herself. She is once again called upon to do a bit of physical acting and does a smashing job of it. She masterfully delivers one of the climactic moments of the film.

Him Indoors is such a fun short. You’ll laugh and laugh…then you’ll cringe a bit…then Davis gives us one more ironic laugh as he closes out the picture. Absolutely worth the short investment of time it takes to view it. Him Indoors is a blast!

mobF - Him Indoors (Short)mobF - Him Indoors (Short)mobF - Him Indoors (Short)mobF - Him Indoors (Short)

4 out of 5

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Written by Scott Hallam

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