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d2st - Darksiders II (Soundtrack)Composed by Jesper Kyd

Darksiders II is the highly anticipated sequel for the Darksiders franchise from developer Vigil Games and publisher THQ, but if you didn’t know any better, you would think Darksiders II is from a whole other video game series. Vigil has managed to improve on their highly successful title Darksiders in a plethora of astounding ways in the game’s sequel, and needless to say, the game looks amazing. With a larger budget for the sequel, the creators of the game were allowed to bring in even greater talent for the new game, and this is where seasoned video game soundtrack composer Jesper Kyd has been brought in to create an entire musical library worthy of being featured in Darksiders II

Jesper Kyd had his rise to fame earlier in his career composing great songs for the Hitman and Assassin’s Creed series with the former winning a BAFTA award for the composer. It’s easy to see why Jesper has received numerous nominations and won awards for his work even after only spending a little time with the Darksiders II soundtrack that features an impressive 26 songs across two discs with well over 30 minutes of music contained on each.

Jesper’s unique sound can be heard in every song on the soundtrack, and beautiful orchestral compositions mesh perfectly with the mesmerizing graphical presentation and often chaotic battles across parts of Hell and Earth. The Darksiders II soundtrack produces many instant classics such as The Maker’s Theme, Into Eternity and The Corruption that are sure to become fan favorites when the game and soundtrack release next week. There are also some really intense scores such as Stains of Heresy and Death Brings Hope which will make for some fun times in combat and exploring the many worlds of the game. The Darksiders II soundtrack is easily one of the best of the year and should put Jesper in contention for yet another award by end of the year. Darksiders II is a phenomenal game with a superb soundtrack that you can’t pass up, so check both out when they release next week!

For more information on the game, check out the official Darksiders II website.

Track# Title
1. The Makers Theme
2. Into Eternity
3. Makers in the Outland
4. Story of the Makers
5. The Corruption
6. The Makers Overworld
7. The Makers Fight Back
8. The Floating City
9. Crystal Spire
10. Trouble in Eden
11. Stains of Heresy
12. The Abyssal Plains
13. The Rod of Arafel
14. The Crowfather
15. The Dead Plains
16. The Plains Await
17. Supernatural Desert
18. The Eternal Throne
19. City of the Dead
20. The Crypt
21. Death Brings Hope
22. Plains of Death
23. Demon Realm
24. Into the Shadows
25. Lord of the Black Stone
26. Dead Plains Reprise

mobF - Darksiders II (Soundtrack)mobF - Darksiders II (Soundtrack)mobF - Darksiders II (Soundtrack)mobF - Darksiders II (Soundtrack)mobH - Darksiders II (Soundtrack)

4 1/2 out of 5

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