Killing Floor Gold Edition (Video Game)

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kilfs - Killing Floor Gold Edition (Video Game)Developed by Tripwire Interactive

Distributed by Iceberg Interactive

Rated M for Blood, Strong Language & Violence

Available exclusively for PC

Killing Floor was originally an Unreal Tournament 2004 mod that was later released in 2009 by Tripwire Interactive for download on PC. Killing Floor continued its initial success by releasing additional DLC and bonus content over last few years, and now, you can purchase Killing Floor Gold Edition containing the game, all previously released DLC and a new female character as part of a milestone commemorating the millionth copy of the game having sold. Killing Floor Gold Edition is a whole lot of fun for zombie shooter enthusiasts and a great value at only $30 for the entire package.

Killing Floor is a great game, but storyline isn’t very relevant in the game. The survival horror, first-person shooter takes players to a remote part of England being ravaged by disgusting military experiments gone horribly wrong. In an attempt to create successful cloning technology, these horrible, genetically infected specimens were created, and it’s your job as local military and police to enter the affected areas and wipe out the dangerous specimens. Killing Floor offers very little storyline in addition to this simple plot, but you’ll hardly care once you’ve gotten into a match and begin blowing away these zombie like specimens alone or with up to five other players.

Each match in the Killing Floor takes you to a chosen map where you and your cooperative partners must try to survive as long as possible from increasingly difficult waves of specimens. There are many different types of specimens, and each is as dangerous as they are grotesque. Maps are large and non-linear, and each has different areas you may choose as a stronghold. Doors can be welded shut to help you survive through each wave, and a friendly trader will be available between rounds to purchase additional weapons and ammunition. There are a variety of weapons to choose from in Killing Floor, but you’ll start each match with only a pistol and knife combo. You’ll have to choose a character class before starting matches, and each come with their own perks that can be leveled and permanent upgrades that can be unlocked through completing the numerous in-game achievements.

Killing Floor Gold Edition takes this style of gameplay and adds numerous maps, weapons and characters for you to use in-game. With the combined new content, Killing Floor Gold Edition contains over 20 maps including the original 5 maps–Biotic Labs, Manor, Farm, Offices and West London. Of course, the special edition game also comes packed with the SDK which allows you to create and download community made maps for the game. Killing Floor Gold Edition is also much more fun thanks to the over 30 weapons included in the base game and additional DLC packs that added such weapons as the Katana sword and an AK-47 Assault Rifle. The new game also includes the first ever female character named Ash, who provides a welcoming female voiceover from the nearly entire male cast in the game.

Killing Floor Gold Edition obviously doesn’t possess the most advanced graphics around being based on an old mod that was released in 2009, but the dark environments and variety of character models will keep you spooked as you play through each match. The game offers up some great controls featuring aim down the scope mechanics and a shaky, blurry HUD when under attack. Killing Floor features a soundtrack full of heavy metal that will make the most intense situations seem even more dire, and creepy sound effects are a plus as well. All in all, Killing Floor Gold Edition presents a dated but very much enjoyable presentation that makes it easy to look past any flaws it establishes.

Killing Floor Gold Edition is a great value for PC owners. While the game may be a little dated, it is still one of the most entertaining experiences around. The game is action-packed with plenty of first-person zombie shooting fun to be had and a plethora of additional content to enjoy. Fans of similar first-person shooter titles such as Left 4 Dead and Call of Duty’s zombie mode will eat up Killing Floor faster than a zombie gnawing on a fresh corpse. It’s easy to waste countless hours playing Killing Floor, as you continue trying to survive the nearly endless waves of specimens and unlock new gear and perks. Check out Killing Floor Gold Edition today!

For more information on the game, check out the official Killing Floor.

Game Features:

  • Co-op Survival gameplay with up to six players
  • Persistent perks feature
  • Nearly 200 Steam (R) Achievements
  • Ten different monster types
  • 33+ weapons
  • mobF - Killing Floor Gold Edition (Video Game)mobF - Killing Floor Gold Edition (Video Game)mobF - Killing Floor Gold Edition (Video Game)mobF - Killing Floor Gold Edition (Video Game)

    4 out of 5

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