Vampire Season (Video Game)

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Vampire SeasonDeveloped by Brainz Games

Distributed by 6waves

Not Yet Rated

Available exclusively for iOS

If you’re tired of the same old tower defense games, Vampire Season could very well be the game you’ve been so desperately seeking. Vampire Season is an upcoming mobile game that combines gameplay of both tower defense and strategy titles to create one uniquely horrific outing. You’ll have to wait until June 28, 2012 to download the title from the App Store, but trust me when I say that waiting on Vampire Season will be well worth it for such an addictive little game.

In the game, your job will be to protect Count Dracula from numerous threats that include Jocks, Vampire Hunters and the most horrific enemy of all–the Interior Decorator! Count Dracula will be unable to defend himself during this time after being locked away in his coffin by a powerful witch for an unknown amount of time. Meanwhile, you and the Castle Regent will have to formulate battle strategies to protect your master.

Your goal in Vampire Season is to complete 30 different stages located in different terrains such as swamps and dungeons by destroying the waves of enemies the game throws at you. You’ll have a legion of unique monsters at your disposal such as vampires, zombies, boogiemen and imps who each bring their own strengths and weaknesses to the battlefield. You can create more powerful fusion monsters later in the game, and you’ll also find in-game items to equip to monsters, unlock helpful spells to cast and earn upgrades for your monsters to breed the most powerful army possible.

Vampire Season often places humor before horror which creates a fun adventure throughout the entire length of the game. This light heartedness spreads into the character designs as you’ll see Werewolves in bunny slippers and Headless Horsemen who ride piƱatas into battle, but the silly character models and other graphics are still expertly crafted and provide crystal clear animations even in the most hectic battles. Sound design is important here as well; you’ll listen to the game’s soundtrack for countless hours while completing the game’s 30 stages and trying to outlast Survival Mode on three increasing difficulty settings, and you’ll still never tire of the game’s tunes or sound effects.

Vampire Season is highly entertaining, hilarious and incredibly addictive. The game combines the forces of many of your favorite Horror movie monsters in an effort to protect Count Dracula from outside forces, and the resulting gameplay never gets tiresome with plenty of upgrades to be earned, powerful in-game items to be unlocked and found and plenty of spells that will assist your undead army. Vampire Season may not redefine the tower defense genre, but as a horror fan, you won’t find a better game anywhere.

For more information on the game, check out the official Vampire Season website.

Game Features

  • Single Player
  • 30 Levels
  • Survival Mode (Easy, Medium & Hard)
  • Fusion Monsters
  • Items, Spells and Upgrades
  • 4 out of 5

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