Thirst of Night (Video Game)

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Thirst of NightDeveloped & Distributed by Kabam

Available for PC

Not Rated

Thirst of Night is a new strategy MMO from publisher and developer Kabam with a vampire twist. The game can be played online on your PC over Google+, Poki or directly from the Kabam website.

Thirst of Night is free to play, and there is no download required to play the game, but that doesn’t mean it’s a terrible game. In fact, the game is a refreshing new take on what it means to be a strategy game.

Thirst of Night puts a new twist on the classic strategy genre. You are introduced to a world that has just experienced a vampire apocalypse. After a massive explosion triggered a cataclysmic global catastrophe that left the sun blacked out of the sky and most human occupied cities burnt to a crisp, the vampires emerged and took over the majority of the planet. It will be your job to create a new vampire civilization in the ruins of the human world by building a city, refining resources, completing research and training an army fit to both defend your territory and take over new occupancies.

When you first begin the game, you’ll have to assign a general to your city and begin building your city with scarce buildings and resources automatically provided to you. Your city’s general will also act as your mentor by providing you quests, recommended guidelines and reports on how your city is progressing. Of course, your general will also help you in a fight, and you can train a powerful gargoyle to help here as well. Alliances can also be formed with other players that will give all members of the alliance specific boosts to assist you in creating your city and building a formidable army. Once your army is ready, you can branch out and conquer the wilds that will benefit you with many different statistical boosts or you can take on rivaling bloodlines to progress through the game’s storyline.

Once you’ve completed building the majority of the buildings you’ll need throughout the game, you’ll soon realize there is always something more to do in Thirst of Night. Whether you’re researching a new technology, building new structures, upgrading buildings you already own, training your troops, sending troops out on marches, or any number of the other activities you can perform in the game, you’ll soon discover Thirst of Night is an incredibly addictive game.

Aesthetically speaking, Thirst of Night is a pretty good looking game. The dark environments and artistically designed vampire generals add a nice touch of horror to a genre not typically known for having horror themes. The game does lack creative animations usually opting to recycle the ones it does feature over and over again, but at least it helps you keep track of everything happening in your city even at the sacrifice of entertainment value. The game’s menus don’t leave anything to be desired though, as they perform their jobs perfectly by delivering all the information you need in an uncluttered and stylish fashion. Music and sound design make the game more immersive and provide just the right tone to fit the horrific vampire wars you’re caught in the middle of. A convenient chat box is provided so you can easily communicate with friends or meet other Thirst of Night players as well.

There’s really no reason not to try out the game. Thirst of Night is one of those games you pick up and refuse to put down. It’s entertaining, addictive and you gain a real sense of accomplishment from each completed task. It may not be perfect, but it’s hard to argue against a game of this quality when you’re allowed to play it free of charge. Try Thirst of Night today and see all the fun you’re missing out on!

For more information on the game, check out the official Thirst of Night website.

4 out of 5

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