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Twiztid’s “Quarantine Movie Review”: RIGHT AT YOUR DOOR

I’ve been away for far too long and wouldn’t dream of going one more minute without suggesting an interesting or slept-on feature you should stream, download, purchase on Blu-ray or DVD–or simply rent or buy on VOD.

That said, this edition’s tasty choice comes in the form of the 2006 release of Right at Your Door.

After several dirty bombs explode in Los Angeles, an unemployed musician (Rory Cochrane) must seal himself in his house to guard against the toxic ash that is descending over the whole area. However, his lover (Mary McCormack) arrives home after the seals are in place and so must remain outside, separated by thin doors and thinner plastic.

Being a fan of the classic Dazed and Confused I was intrigued when I realized that one of my favorite characters from that movie was starring in Right At Your Door so I had to see it. The actor that portrayed “Ron Slater”, Rory Cochran, was about to show another side of his acting chops. 

Here’s my attempt at a Spoiler-Free plot summary; my apologies in advance! Here we go: 

A married couple goes about a normal morning routine, one that sees the wife leave home while the husband stays. At some point, breaking news comes across the TV and radio that all hell has broken loose in the form of some “dirty bombs” as they are referred to, that have the sky raining black ash as people go crazy and seek shelter.

The husband attempts to hold out for his wife to return but fears the worst has happened to her. He seals up the home to prevent any debris from infiltrating. After several montages and everything from dry-cleaning bags to plastic floor mats and shower curtains are used to cover every crack and crevasse, the domicile is absolutely airtight.

Just as things start to settle, the wife returns coughing and looking very contaminated. She pleads with her husband to let her in but he refuses and tells her to go around the back of the house where he has left a “just in case you’re not dead” care package of towels, bottled waters, and some clothes. 

At some point, the husband sections off a hallway and a room for the wife to enter, and the drama continues to unfold as they discuss whether or not she should leave with others to make it to a safe zone with medication to treat the supposed infection.  The “What ould you do?” factor is the core of this feature, in my opinion. Having to decide between the love of your life or your own personal wellbeing is a captivating question most would rather not have to face, but is attacked straight on in this psychological thriller. The unexpected twists and turns make it memorable enough to recommend. See this movie at least once and if you enjoy it, pass along the recommendation to another friend so slept-on greats like this can be enjoyed as they were intended!

Until next time, keep the lights low, the volume up, the popcorn buttered, and your remote close in case you need to pause for some recreational intermissions.

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Editor’s Note: jAMIE is one half of the horror/hip-hop duo Twiztid. Read more about the band and give a couple of their videos a spin below.

Twiztid is an American hip hop duo from Detroit, Michigan. Formed in 1997, Twiztid is composed of Jamie Spaniolo and Paul Methric, who perform under the respective personas of Jamie Madrox and Monoxide.

Written by Jamie Madrox

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