Who Goes There Podcast: Ep262 – MUTANT BLAST w/ WWE Superstar Baron Corbin

With all that is going on in not only the world, but our own backyard, it seems inappropriate to be celebrating anything. Well, we reached a pretty important milestone here at the Who Goes There Podcast. Today is 7 years to the day since we posted our very first episode. So in honor of such a big event we brought back our biggest (literally) guest to date. That’s right! The haomie Baron Corbin is back to give us his “kingly” take on all things horror!

Last time Tom (Baron) was on the show, we discussed the Stranger Things-esque Summer of ’84. While King Corbin seemed pleased with this offering, we wanted to REALLY ramp up the insanity this time around and show him what WGT is all about. This week we’re discussing the 2019/2020, Portuguese Troma film Mutant Blast (Review starts at 37:07).

We also go back and discuss The Platform, Tom’s “disclaimer” for recommending Matt picks, casual name drops and the fight Matt and Tom will have at Mania 40. What can you expect from the movie itself? How about the most blood in any movie we’ve ever covered? That do anything for you? How about a man-sized, French Lobster in a business suit? Nothing? What if I told you there are no less than 7 heads being PUNCHED off?! That’s right, little ones. Don’t miss this awesome 7 year anniversary extravaganza! 

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Yes, you may be excused. But hurry back: we’re cutting gonads next. It’s the Who Goes There Podcast episode 262!

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