Vampire Saga: Break Out (Video Game)

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Vampire Saga: Break OutDeveloped and Distributed by Alawar Entertainment

Not Rated

Available for PC

Vampire Saga: Break Out is actually the third game in the Vampire Saga series from Alawar. The series imagines different stories that revolve around the town of Hill Lock–a cursed town that holds many unsolved but deadly mysteries. The seemingly ordinary town becomes a whole other creature at nighttime when its citizens are suddenly transformed into vampiric monstrosities of the twilight–only these vampires don’t sparkle!

This time, you enter the town of Hill Lock in control of Dr. Crow. Dr. Crow is a pathologist from a nearby town who has been called into Hill Lock to perform an forensics autopsy on a mutilated corpse that was recently discovered in the city. Things will soon go from strange to straight up supernatural when he enters the town to find it has plunged into chaos with many creatures of the night roaming the town’s streets and buildings. As he slowly makes his way to the hospital and begins uncovering the conspiracy in the town, Dr. Crow also begins receiving assistance from strange visions that resemble his recently deceased daughter. The game may begin as a complete mystery, but by the time you’ve completed the game, you’ll have fully grasped the situation and be prepared for the epic ending that doesn’t disappoint.

The game still features many great game mechanics that Alawar is known for such as the masterfully crafted artwork, interactive worlds and challenging but entertaining hidden object scenes; however, you’ll notice some new changes as well. When searching for items, you’ll now have to click and drag items back to a backpack or some other bag used for carrying multiple objects. You’ll find the objects hidden in these scenes by looking at a picture wheel that shows which and how many items you’ll need to find in order to complete the scene and gain control of some necessary items. You then use these items in a variety of ways that will allow you to progress through the game.

You’ll have a hint meter that constantly recharges after use, so you’ll never get stuck on any part of the game. Of course there are a ton of puzzles as well, and most of them are completely new ideas to Alawar’s brand of games.

One of the downfalls in the game comes in the graphics department. Rather than simply adding animations to the beautiful artwork in the game, Vampire Saga: Break Out often opts to use computer generated graphics that don’t look nearly as smooth, detailed or realistic as the game’s artwork. It’s not something that completely cripples the game, but it, unfortunately, does make it a tad less immersive.The game does offer up some great sound effects and an eerie soundtrack to help make up for the game’s presentation faults however.

Vampire Saga: Break Out isn’t the best game available on the Alawar site, but it’s still a whole lot of fun. If you’ve enjoyed their hidden object games in the past or if you just want to continue the story in told in the Vampire Saga series, you’ll want to check out this game. You can download the trial or purchase the full version of Vampire Saga: Break Out on the offical Alawar website.

Game Features

  • 36 Eye Locations
  • 9 Hidden Object Scenes
  • 20 Animated Story Scenes
  • Hints, Tips and Tutorials
  • 18 Mini-Games

  • 4 out of 5

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