THE UNSEEN Review – You Need To See This Short Film

Starring Vincent Sarowatz, Makenna Weyburne, Rob Jaeger, Morgan Paige, Rachel Anderson, Spencer Mills

Directed by Conrad Faraj

The Unseen opens with some truly creepy and foreboding sound design as a man seems to be experiencing a waking nightmare, which serves as a grim foreshadowing of what’s to come in this very atmospheric short.

After their mother mysteriously disappears, her children are adopted by their seemingly benevolent boyfriend, and they are so grateful for his generous act that they even refer to him as dad. One of the kids is also blind, and she’s more determined than ever to find out what happened to her mother. After living with her adoptive ‘father’ for some time, she is eventually visited by a ghostly apparition of her mother, who informs her that the man she now calls dad is not what he seems. She also almost accidentally shoots her brother with an arrow, and although she thankfully does not hit him, her skill with a bow does improve when her aim is true.

As the nefarious adoptive father, Vincent Sarowatz does a good job of being both pleasant and creepy and at the same time, so even when he’s trying to act like a nice guy, he never fully puts you at ease. If there is a moral to the story of The Unseen, it would probably be something along the lines of not trusting anyone who suddenly comes into your life, because their intentions may not be genuine.

Created for the 48 Hour Film Horror Project, writer and director Conrad Faraj was able to ensure that The Unseen stays in your memory just as long as any feature film would by giving it a nasty and unexpected twist which is then resolved with a satisfying ending. Apologies in advance for the bad pun, but you need to see The Unseen.



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