Scarygirl (Video Game)

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Scary Girl ReviewDeveloped by TikGames

Distributed by Square Enix

Rated E (Cartoon violence, use of tobacco)

Available for PC, Xbox 360 (reviewed) and PS3

Scarygirl is the newest platformer from developer TikGames. The game is based off the graphic novel of the same name by artist Nathan Jurevicius. To say Scarygirl is a strange tale may be an understatement.

Scarygirl, herself, is a little girl with tentacle arms, an eye patch and hook, and nappy hair. Her companions are a talking rabbit and octopus, and the world is full of strange creatures, plants and other forms of life. The game manages to pull off a creepy and cute tone at the same time that any BioGamer Girl or Guy could enjoy. Think A Nightmare Before Christmas, as Scarygirl could easily pass for Sally’s little sister.

The storyline tells how this odd and mysterious young girl washed up on shore of a strange world one day. Scarygirl was then taken in and raised by a wise octopus known as Blister. As Scarygirl gets older, she is haunted by a recurring dream about a man with a funny-shaped head, so she naturally sets off to discover who the man in her dreams is and the meaning behind her dreams. Fortunately, Scarygirl is no ordinary young girl, and she has plenty of fighting skills and strange companions to help her along her journey including a talking egg and a large rabbit named Bunniguru.

Scary Girl Review

As you progress through the game, you’ll find all types of monsters and bosses from Yetis to demonic goats. Scarygirl can use her tentacle arm to smash, throw and otherwise dispatch of these enemies. You’ll be able to unlock new skills and abilities by purchasing them with the in game currency, and you’ll find heart containers to increase your life and make taking out tough enemies somewhat easier. The controls work good for the most part, but don’t expect to become untouchable at the game. You’ll often take damage when the unreliable controls fail you, but as long as you use proper tactics, they should never be the primary cause of your demise. The game offers an increasingly level of difficulty as you progress through the game, and some of the later fights in the game can be difficult even for experts. The environments in the game are diversified enough to prevent repetitiveness; one stage you’ll be in a city setting, and you may be in an ice cavern the next. There are a few puzzles scattered throughout the game as well, and you’ll constantly have to glide over large gaps with Scarygirl’s hover technique and cautiously climb dangerous walls.

Scarygirl has some artistic graphics that look like they came straight from the graphic novel. In fact, the game’s story is told through 2D comic panels with a voice over narrator that just adds to the creepiness already featured in the game. You’ll hear many strange sound effects during the game, and there’s also an enchanting soundtrack that goes a long way in setting the eccentric tone of the game. Story mode can be played with 2 players cooperatively offline with one person taking control of Bunniguru, but unfortunately, the game doesn’t support online play. But if you ever get tired of the storyline, there are a ton of collectibles to unlock, a training simulator to refine your fighting skills, and your average amount of Achievements and Trophies to unlock.

Scary Girl Review

Scarygirl is a unique game like you’ll find nowhere else. The game really shines with its interesting story, odd characters and eerily artistic design. The game features some iffy controls and lack of online multiplayer hurts, but it’s nothing that should scare you away from playing the game. If you want to play a fun new Platformer, look no further than Scarygirl.

The game released on January 18th on PC, Xbox360 and PS3. Check out the Scarygirl Website for more great content!

Game Features

  • Offline Multiplayer 2
  • Online Leaderboards
  • Content Downloads
  • Achievement and Trophy Support

  • 4 out of 5

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