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Who Goes There Podcast: Ep 166 – AMONG THE LIVING

In the early 2000’s horror fans were blessed with a bevy of bleak, bloody, and bad ass horror films from the land of the baguette. The French Extreme movement brought us modern classics such as Martyrs Inside, and Frontier(s), then laid in wait until American audiences began to feel safe, before once again dumping buckets of blood onto all of the precious snowflakes. This week, we take a look at Among the Living (26:00); the latest French delicacy from the team behind Inside and Livid.

In the event that our carefully crafted cinematic critiques weren’t enough for you, we’ve jam packed this episode full of extra goodies! We’ll run down the big updates for Friday the 13th: The Game and Dead By Daylight, as well as our initial thoughts on the long awaited Agony. If you prefer a bit of realism in your dread, we also take a look at two new true crimes documentaries on Netflix. Don’t say we never gave ya nothin.

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How come Angela gets to talk to the boys all day, and WE have to play volleyball? Because Angela listened to the Who Goes There Podcast episode 166!

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Written by Matt Smith

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