Where Is It Review – You Won’t Dare Take Down Your Mirror After Watching This

Starring Whitney Gries, Travina Springer, Patrick Keane

Directed by Todd Spence and Zak White

I appreciate the fact that it can’t be easy to cram legitimate suspense into a runtime of just three and a half minutes, but writing and directing duo Zak White and Todd Spence did a pretty good job with their new short film Where Is It. I also appreciate that it’s considered bad luck to use function in movie titles, so I’ll let the lack of a question mark slide.

After arriving home from vacation, a young woman named Em thanks her friend Sara for looking after her house. She even forgives her for accidentally breaking the old mirror that had been hanging on the wall since before she moved in, until she notices the bloody words “Where Is It” written in its place. Guess all those old myths about breaking mirrors leading to bad luck were true after all.

Where Is It was presented entirely in the format of social media found footage, a style much better suited to shorts than features (no disrespect to Unfriended). And we’ve all experienced the pain of having our internet screwing up at vital moments, so White and Spence were wise to tap into that frustration by making Sara’s connection begin to slowdown when shit starts getting real. And I won’t spoil the ending, but I will say that she really shouldn’t have broken that mirror. And that goblins should spend more time in school so that they know how to use punctuation. Anyway, considering the amount of scares packed into its short runtime, it’s hard not to recommend Where Is It.

  • Where Is It


You won’t dare take down your mirror after watching Where Is It.

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