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Girls Night Short Film Review – Bloody Mary Attends A Sleepover



Starring Alice Nazare, Liliana Garcia, Marina De Sousa

Directed by David Teixeira

The legend of Bloody Mary herself terrorizes a trio of young girls during a sleepover in David Teixeira’s chilling short film, Girls Night – and I’ll ask this question to anyone who’d be willing to pluck an answer out of the dirt…can’t these kids just leave these vengeful spirits alone?

The night is young, and the discussion quickly turns to ol’ Mary, and one of the girls immediately removes herself from the equation, leaving the other two to fend for themselves, if you will. With a runtime of 13 minutes, I’ll leave the pertinent details out of this dynamic, but with a masked intruder tossed into the mix, it remains somewhat unclear if we’ve got a separate violent entity at hand, or if it’s Mary simply lying in wait – any way you happen to slice these results, they will be soaked in blood for all to revel in.

Teixeira gets the most out of his actresses performances, as their portrayals are realistic and convincing – these ladies show terror when it counts, and it makes this quickie all the more enjoyable. The only downside is the unfortunate misdirection of “who and where” as it seems like it’s undetermined just who (or what) is responsible for the slayings, but it’s not something that should solely be focused upon. The overall mood and sense of fear is heavy with this one, and it’s constructed to be one of those late night watches…at a sleepover, perhaps? Give this one a peep when your bathroom mirror gets unfogged – well worth the look.

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Girls Night has the goods to provide frights to many a slumber party attendee for quite a while.

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