The Untamed Review – Alien Assistance in the Boudoir?


Starring Ruth Ramos, Simone Bucio, Jesus Meza

Directed by Amat Escalante

Sometimes, what happens in the bedroom…needs to stay in the damned bedroom. In Amat Escalante’s sexy sci-fi flick, The Untamed, two couple’s emotions and love-lives are psychologically metered out by those damned aliens from another planet – doesn’t anyone believe in relationship-counselors anymore?

Canvassing a multitude of genres (supposedly), the film never really hits on all cylinders, leaving the audience at times wondering “what about the horror, or what about the sci-fi elements?” From the film’s opening scene where we witness a woman having “relations” with a purple tentacle, it’s safe to say that this movie is going to be anything but conventional…I mean, unless you dig tentacle-sex – I’m not judging. The focus here, however are the lives of 4 people that are a bit maladjusted when it comes to love and sex, and with the assistance of this handy (or slimy) alien appendage, the possibilities of unbridled pleasure are only a sticky limb away – demented. Each one of this particular foursome has their own hang-ups and perversions, with homophobia and victimization as the front-runners, and no one’s life will remain unscathed after encountering said other-planetary intruder.

What does work here are the performances themselves, which at times feel frighteningly realistic, however it’s the pacing and lack of true plot direction that holds the film back – far too many slowdowns in the tempo weigh this film down like a sandbagged heap, sucking up water until it sinks helplessly. Escalante certainly had the right idea when constructing this film, but the overall mood and nomadic deviation are what shoves this presentation back into its traveling spaceship, and blasts it back into hyperspace towards an unspecified location – definitely one of the weirder films I’ve checked out in a while, and unfortunately that’s not a good thing.

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The Untamed is one of those sci-fi flicks that will either have fans flocking towards it, or hiding in secrecy from it.

User Rating 3.35 (23 votes)


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