Party Bus To Hell (2017)


partybus Party Bus To Hell Poster Revision 3 200x300 - Party Bus To Hell (2017)Starring Tara Reid, Sadie Katz, Demetrios Alex

Directed by Rolfe Kanefsky

Ever been aboard a simple mode of public transportation, where even the simplest cough or mumble from another passenger results in you wanting to have literally EVERYONE eliminated in order to restore a shred of your sanity? There I go again, talking aloud – ah well, Rolfe Kanesky’s Party Bus To Hell doesn’t exactly fall under the scope of “public transportation,” but it’s filled with boobs, blood, and Beelzebub…and plenty of the aforementioned potential victims just waiting to fall into the slaughter pit. Hope you’ve got your ticket, cause I think this trip’s only going one way.

Starring Tara Reid, this demented little presentation takes place during the Burning Man Festival, and we’ve got a jam-packed fiesta-wagon en route to the hedonistic activity, and when the bus gets intercepted by a vicious band of Satan-worshipers, let’s just say that the crimson will be runnin’ like a river! There’s sacrifices, slayings, serpents… and all that damn neon – just what any sadist adores, and I’ll be the first to admit – this was a pretty fun watch. With a collection of personalities taking up space on the stretched-out transport, there really needs to be a drinking game attached to this film, just to wager on who will fall prey to the blade next. Have a particular favorite or that cute little lady that’s catching your eye? Don’t get too hooked on them, because more than likely they won’t be sticking around for long. On a somewhat-related side note, the ever-alluring Devanny Pinn has a FAR TOO SHORT role in this pic – any way this beauty can get some more screen time…anyone listening?

I’m usually a stickler for a solid plot and some defining character formation, but there does come a time when you want some gratuitous violence, nudity and other inane plot direction, so welcome to it! As the night drags on in the desert, it becomes painfully obvious that this supposedly fun trip has descended into the southern regions of Hades, and who you think might be on the right side of the cross, isn’t so holier-than-thou after all. The film’s got a Troma-esque look and feel to it, and Kanefsky obviously makes no apologies for its completely outrageous attitude – don’t let the kids sit down in front of this one unless they’ve either had “the talk” from Mom and Dad, or they’ve had more than a few classes in human reproduction. All of the represented bodily fluids are on display (at least I think), and combined with a blistering death metal soundtrack, we’ve got all the fixins’ for a watch that absolutely BEGS for some alcohol and other “enhancements” to fully revel in its glory. Want a solid plot and character performances that are award-worthy? – then feel free to check out Dunkirk, but if it’s a psychotic, carnage-wracked, breast-fest best suited for a late Saturday night watch, then allow me to recommend this Party Bus To Hell. It might only travel in one direction, but what a friggin’ ride!

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