#FromJennifer (2017)


Starring Danielle Taddei, Derek Mears, Aaron Abrams, Meghan Deanna Smith, Trae Ireland, Tony Todd

Written and directed by Frank Merle

And the “Jennifer Trilogy” train toots on! First, we met the boyfriend of Jennifer, who set out on a journey to confront his cheating girlfriend in To Jennifer. Next, we were introduced to Spencer – a crazy little creepy freak who became obsessed with casting a real Jennifer to play Jennifer in what was to be his sequel, 2 Jennifer.

And now, we are given… Jennifer, the sad and mousy actress who was fired from a film, dumped by her boyfriend, and then disgraced by an online sex tape that she had no idea existed. Poor Jennifer! #FromJennifer is her F.U. to the industry. To her ex. To her friend and internet sensation, Stephanie Hart. And to her manager, Chad (Tony Todd in a glorious horror comeback role that will make you shiver and laugh and give you douche chills). He is, once again, as fabulous as ever.

Jennifer Peterson (Taddei) just wants a chance to prove she is a worthwhile actress. At the insistence of her manager, she begins to post a video blog of her daily life. While her actress-friend and major annoyance in life, Stephanie (Smith), snatches up all the film roles, poor Jennifer is humiliated when she discovers her ex not only taped her talented fellatio performance but posted it online, creating an unwanted viral sensation. Within no time Jennifer devises a strategy to make her mark – and leave plenty along the way.

Revenge. It’s the best medicine and provides full closure on this heinous situation. While she auditions and hires the perfect specimen for her “male servant,” Butch (Mears) becomes an easily manipulated sidekick who succumbs to all her wishes and needs.

#FromJennifer is campy fun. With the Wynona Ryder persona and behavior portrayed by Danielle Taddei, Jennifer morphs into an indifferent force of reckoning. She is delightful to watch as her vengeful plans go awry and she must force Butch to continually clean up his overzealous mess.

Meghan Deanna Smith as Stephanie Hart is perfectly cast. She is nails-on-a-chalkboard annoying, and you can’t help but wonder what her face would look like from the deep end of pool after bare-handedly drowning this nuisance. Hart is over-the-top irritating. I prayed to see her blood-soaked demise. But alas, all the Jennifer films end with intense and unpredictable carnage.

Look for the adorable symbolism come to life as Little Red Riding Hood… beginning with manager Chad. Chad Wolfe. LOL But if there is ANY takeaway in this adorably bloody tragedy, it is this: A Jenny is a female donkey. Do NOT call her Jenny.



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