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Location: 460 Green Grove Rd, Olyphant, PA 18447

Reaper’s Revenge
is advertised as “America’s Best Haunted Attraction”, and we always felt that testament was slightly self-grandiose. However, after the experience we had last night, it is safe to say that Reaper’s Revenge may very well deserve the tagline of being one of, if not the overall very best haunted attractions in the country. Quite simply, all four attractions at Reapers Revenge have been “perfected” for the 2016 season, featuring enhanced special effects, brand new set designs, a meticulous attention to detail and insane character actors who play their roles perfectly within the context of each unique scene. Every single aspect of this attraction has been taken to a new level, and the quality of each attraction from a creative and structural design perspective is second to none. Furthermore, the entire attraction has taken on a more aggressive, intense and interactive approach towards scare acting.

unnamed 3 266x300 - Haunted Attraction Review - 2016 Reaper's RevengeInsane, disturbed clowns, chainsaw yielding maniacs, relentless zombies, demented mutants and an all new “Reaper” are relentless in their efforts to scare. A common theme conveyed throughout this review is the impressive quality of scare acting found at this attraction. Countless hours and efforts were placed into perfecting each scare actors craft, and these actors take great pride in creating horrific characters. We give Reaper’s Revenge our highest recommendation as this year they have truly achieved greatness in creating an almost perfect haunted attraction experience.

Reaper’s Revenge has placed a great deal of emphasis on a theatrical style of haunting, as extensive time is dedicated towards actor training, and creating memorable characters unique to each attraction and specific scene. Scare actors at Reaper’s Revenge make each attraction truly shine. From the level of detail placed into each costume, to the specific roles, there is no doubt that each actor takes their job of creating a “character” seriously. You will not see actors break character at Reaper’s Revenge, and the level of aggression and passion placed into their performances permeates throughout each of the four attractions. There is a logic to the madness of Reaper’s Revenge, as each scene is diverse, and designed to generate different types of scares. From the classic startle scare, to effective use of horror movie icons, each attraction strives to create fear, and entertainment for guests of all backgrounds and horror persuasions. Each attraction is custom built to create an atmospheric experience that must be witnessed to appreciate. If you have not visited Reaper’s Revenge over the past few seasons, or are a regular visitor this season cannot be missed.


Reaper’s Revenge features four attractions, a variety of food options, Zombie Paintball, souvenir stand and free photo opportunities. The attraction is extremely popular, and while they have added additional wagons be prepared when attending this attraction by either arriving early, or upgrading to a VIP package. While it is early in the season, it is going to be difficult to find an overall more impressive haunted attraction.

hauntedhayride14 - Haunted Attraction Review - 2016 Reaper's RevengeHaunted Hayride– The “Haunted Hayride” attraction, is the “centerpiece” of Reaper’s Revenge and features absolutely stunning set designs, special effects and immersive soundtracks that transform the entire sixty acres of dark trails into a haunted spectacle. The opening scene, a pyrotechnic, special effects rich display featuring a trip through the Reaper’s “castle” is absolutely unforgettable. From the creepy skeleton like animatronic to scares induced by fire, lighting effects and sound, the opening scene creates excitement, and anticipation. There is little downtime during the “Haunted Hayride”, as each scene features unique scares and custom built creative set designs. Every scene features details that are augmented by special effects enhanced displays, such as massive explosions, burning cars, hanging spider webs and animatronics that reach out onto each wagon. The creative set designs each feature unique soundtracks, which heightens the level of immersion along the lengthy hayride attraction.“Haunted Hayride” is not animatronic heavy which adds a sense of realism to the experience and allows for the scare actors to shock, surprise and shine throughout the attraction. Each scene is strategically designed to entertain haunt fans of diverse backgrounds. The theatrical design of the hayride incorporates aspects of horror mixed in with an emphasis on entertainment. Scenes cater to haunt fans of all backgrounds, from those who fear zombies, to those looking for a more humorous take on Halloween there is sincerely something for everyone along the journey.

Some of the most memorable scenes once again include a trip through the hauntingly beautiful, glowing “Pumpkin Forest”, a bizarre suicide/hanging scene, an uncomfortable visit with off-color hillbillies, a classic “Thriller” scene featuring talented zombie actors/dancers, a visit with the chainsaw yielding maniacs of “Stanley Farms”, a Walking-Dead inspired zombie attack scene, re-imagined classic horror movie scenes and an absolutely disturbing, dark, almost demonic “sacrifice/”slaughter” scene and a vicious final encounter with the infamous Reaper, that left one guest yelling “What the hell did I just see?” in shock. The level of actor aggression and commitment to staying in “character” is to be commended. Zombies pulled unsuspecting guests on the wagon, other monsters grabbed and groped as they made inhuman noises, and the infamous Reaper unleashed a relentless final attack. It is typically difficult to be afraid during a “Haunted Hayride” after visiting so many attractions, but the nonstop onslaught of surprise scares, physical actors, coupled with creative set designs effectively generated moments of fear and apprehension.

lostcarnival14 - Haunted Attraction Review - 2016 Reaper's RevengeLost Carnival– “Lost Carnival” starts out with a brand new mini-scene that features a talented, off-color, one-eyed “security guard” who is responsible for maintaining “safety” on the mountain. The opening scene is set within the confines of a rather suspect looking security office and features a variety of surprises, and shock scares that adds immensely to this outdoor walk-through trail.Additions to “Lost Carnival” continue to heighten the scare level of this authentic trip through an abandoned dark amusement park, featuring decrepit rides and a host of twisted characters. Clowns and various freaks pop almost out of nowhere, grab and touch as they create an atmosphere of constant tension.Each scene of the “Lost Carnival” creates an immersive haunt experience in which character actors utilize realistic set designs to create stories and torment visitors. We were trapped along our walk through the “funhouse”, forced to play a variety of twisted midway games, had to sing to escape a twisted actor, felt genuine claustrophobic fear as we entered the “Tunnel of Love”, and were subjected to endless hordes of evil clowns. Once again, careful attention to detail enhances the quality of this classic attraction. Lighting, and carnival authentic sound effects allow for nonstop startle and interactive scares. Characters such as a pair of ghastly twins, and carnival barkers set an unnerving tone that is carried on throughout the attraction and additions such as a disturbing toy/doll hallway add additional length to an already incredibly designed outdoor carnival themed attraction.

pitchblack14 - Haunted Attraction Review - 2016 Reaper's Revenge

Pitch Black– “Pitch Black” is a walk-through indoor attraction that is an all-out attack on the senses to disorientate, and induce fear as guests try to escape the dark maze.  “Pitch Black” is not just a simple walk through the dark maze. Great detail goes into development of sensory “triggers” which force guests to touch unseen objects, walk through invisible obstacles such as hanging chains and “bodies” and encounter scare actors hidden amongst the darkness. Most of the details of this attraction go unnoticed, from hanging spiders to water effects “Pitch Black” is a terrifying experience.  “Pitch Black” is a panic inducing, terrifying experience in which we have witnessed grown men “quit” prior to exiting the attraction. The attraction is designed to be a relentless assault on one’s senses, creating a constant feeling of paranoia that builds consistently right until the attractions conclusion. Scare actors grasp at ankles, hanging chains block the already tight paths, and constant loud noise reduce any downtime and keep the panic level at an all-time high. “Pitch Black” is not to be underestimated due to the growing number of so-called blackout mazes.

sector13 web - Haunted Attraction Review - 2016 Reaper's Revenge

Sector 13– “Sector 13” is an interactive indoor walk-through maze set in post-apocalyptic world in which nuclear warfare has created a host of monstrosities, along with demented medical personnel and militant characters. “Sector 13” is the most immersive, physical and interactive at Reaper’s Revenge. “Sector 13” has increased its level of interactivity adding additional scenes and sets that allow guests to be subjected to various forms of personal immersive haunt experiences that range from the bizarre to the terrifying. The custom built, gritty, rusted, barbed wire surrounded structure of “Sector 13” focuses on creating an authentic post-apocalyptic experience, featuring the loud sounds of helicopters and military personnel watching every guests next move. Scare actors in this attraction are in complete character at all times, from overbearing guards, too vicious, evil nurses who have no problem taking a “staple gun” to unsuspecting guests, this attraction pure insanity.

unnamed 300x200 - Haunted Attraction Review - 2016 Reaper's RevengeGrotesque mutants litter the grounds of the infirmary area, twisted doctors force “surgery” upon various guests, we were locked in multiple cages, thrown into decontamination areas had to follow strict orders of the militant drill sergeants and made our way through various scenes isolated and alone. “Sector 13’s” aggressive approach towards creating fear is augmented by incredible detail, from use of fire, blinding strobe lights, fog effects to the rusty metallic prison-like design of the structure itself, each area conveys a notion that this attraction is for serious haunt fans. “Sector 13” is a physically exhausting, mature, relentless attraction that continues to find new ways to incorporate personal interactive experiences that allow guests to experience a new show every time they visit.

Reaper’s Revenge, was absolutely breath taking, every single aspect of the attraction has been greatly enhanced for the 2016 season. The structural design of each attraction allows the phenomenal talents of the scare actors to shine under the guidance of a dedicated ownership, management and design team. A commitment to excellence across the board is clearly defined by the quality of this year’s show, and we cannot stress enough that this may very well be “America’s Best Haunted Attraction”.

Written by Joe Rovinsky

Joe Rovinsky is a seasoned veteran media creator in the haunted attraction and immersive entertainment industry. Having worked with national and regional media outlets and numerous major attractions, Rovinsky has become established as one of the top influencers in the haunted attraction industry.

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