Super (Short, 2016)

super 300x111 - Super (Short, 2016)Starring Nathan Kennedy, Maggie Watts

Directed by Matt Inns

Let me just say right off the bat: I wasn’t expecting much out of a sub-4-minute short film, but Matt Inns’s highly entertaining Super more than filled the bill for this guy!

Easy as pie setup: Lonely, withdrawn gal enjoying a smoke gets interrupted by a creep in a van… and THAT’S where I’m going to halt the remainder of the colorful details here, kiddies. This one’s far too quick to end to reveal anything more, but rest assured that this chick will NOT be a victim.

I’d best describe this little gem as a caveat to those who might think of bullying or harassing an innocent woman in the future – you just don’t know whom you could potentially be messing with!

Inns’s presentation earned him a selection at the Screamfest Horror Festival in 2015, and it was it well deserved! If this one manages to pass you by like a creeper van on a lonely stretch of highway, make sure to flag it down and give it a look – well worth it.

  • Film
User Rating 3.23 (13 votes)

Written by Matt Boiselle

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