Deep 6 (Short, 2016)

Deep 6

deep6 202x300 - Deep 6 (Short, 2016)Starring Jessica Brydon, Kyla E. Druckman, Joe Guilfoyle

Directed by Kevin and Scott McNamara

The hunt for fresh, new ideas from budding filmmakers is always on the rise, and with the absolute deluge of material that comes in to us to review (thanks to all), we literally see anything and everything that can be thrown down on film. Ghosts, slashers, cannibals, killer clowns, demons… and zombies.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, those wonderfully beaten to death zombies that have rained down their flesh-chewing ways upon the masses for MANY a moon have been encompassed in such a multitude of ways that it begs the heartiest of questions like, “When is enough ENOUGH?” And the simple answer to that question is, “Not for a while.”

Today’s submission into the short film aggregate comes from two brothers (Kevin and Scott McNamara) who are making their zombie-apocalypse quickie, Deep 6, a directorial excursion into the world of cinematic ventures, having both worked as cinematographers, producers, and editors beforehand. At first glance, one could lament that this is just another zombie flick and bellyache about what more could be done with these rotting denizens of the dead. How about simplifying the entire apocalypse, with news reports blazing across the television at a rapid rate, and all of the inconceivably hellacious chaos running rampant outside your door? Lemme guess: You’ve probably heard that scenario setup before? If you have, then join the millions and millions of devoted fans of every zombie movie or show to grace either the big or little screens. Yet, this particular short film works – there, I said it!

Following the onset of said outbreak, a young girl is thrust into the fires of uncertainty when she and her family are forced to make their way to safety in the middle of this zombie cluster.

At the risk of spilling too many details (come on… this thing’s only four and a half minutes long), I’ll keep my yapper closed as to exactly what happens, but rest assured that there is a TON of action jammed into this turbo-timed short. These zombies are fast, brutal, and unforgiving. I know, I know – we’ve seen it all before, but for two guys who are making their directorial debuts, this thing looks big-budget and DAMN is it impressive!

Come on, fellas; let’s stretch this thing out to a full-length feature, what do you say? Who knows? You might even restore some faith into this jaded reviewer’s thinking.


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