Terrordactyl (2016)

AFM terrordactyl 249x300 - Terrordactyl (2016)Starring Christopher John Jennings, Candice Nunes, Jack E. Curenton, Bianca Haase, Jason Tobias

Directed by Don Bitters III and Geoff Reisner

When a meteor shower rains rocks down outside Los Angeles, Jonas (Tobias) and Lars (Jennings), two friends stuck in tired, boring lives as gardeners, head out to find a meteor stone in hopes of selling it and striking it rich. After recovering one, they become Terrordactyl targets – “Terrordactyls” are the ancient flying reptiles that launched a full force assault on the City of Angels, and they are NOT happy about Jonas and Lars’ find.

Trying to survive long enough to sell their stolen treasure, the two schmoes go on the run. Along for the ride are Candice (Nunes), a tough-but-cute bartender; Valerie (Haase), her oversexed roommate; and Sampson (Curenton), a drunken and brash ex-Marine. The gangly group soon discover that there’s more to the meteor than meets the eye.

Terrordactyl is directed by newcomers Don Bitters III and Geoff Reisner, working from a script by Bitters, who has previously worked as a visual effects artist on television shows such as “Betas,” “House of Cards,” and “Quantico.” Reisner previously worked as a cinematographer on features including Crossroad and No Greater Love. They both bring a lot to the table in their respective visual talents – the cinematography is above average for the genre, and so are the special effects and GCI.

Unfortunately, the acting from the lead “hero” is not above, or even, average. His stilted, awkward performance might jar some, but then again it’s in line with schlock such as this. (And Terrordactyl is way better than Birdemic!) The other actors aren’t going to be accepting an Oscar anytime soon either, but they seem more charming than clunky – along the lines of something you’d see in a low-budget 1980s horror or sci-fi flick.

When it comes to the creature-feature aspect, the monsters are menacing indeed. Fans of fright flicks ranging from Godzilla to golden-age Harryhausen to Sharknado will also find something to like about the Terrordactyls.

Terrordactyl is a timewaster, fun for the right mood on a lazy TV night at home when there’s nothing better on the Syfy channel.

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User Rating 3.78 (9 votes)
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