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TheRidealong433x653 199x300 - Ridealong (Book)Written By Michaelbrent Collings

Published by Michaelbrent Collings

Wow!  Just wow!  I really didn’t know what to expect being classified as a young adult novel, but I am more than impressed at how this story kept me on the edge the entire time.

A brilliantly written story about a father and daughter who’s relationship is put to the test by a psychopath in one night leading them down a path of destruction and retribution.

From the beginning you get hooked as  Michaelbrent introduces you to the main players in the story, Melissa Lathom (who tells the story) and her police officer father in a way that makes you immediately start to have a relationship with them, you feel for them, and you start to really genuinely care about what they are going through.  I not only understood Melissa’s feelings and felt them, but it brought up my feelings of my own father and the strength of our relationship.  It’s not very often a story can make me feel like this, but this story does.

The story takes off right away as you learn that Melissa’s dad, Officer Lathom, is returning to work after a drug bust ended up in a shootout where he was injured and his partner and an innocent child were killed.  Her and her father are especially close since the passing of her mother so of course Melissa’s thoughts about her father returning are that of horror as she fears her father could be shot again.  So instead of leaving her home he brings her along with him for a ‘ride along’.

This is where it takes off.  As they are on the ride along a voice comes over the radio named Jack that sounds familiar yet creepy,and tells Mel and her father that they are going to play a game with him and the game involves getting to the root of why the shootout happened.  I could imagine the voice in my head and it honestly creeped me out, and I could imagine the fear and confusion of what these two were going through and it kept it exciting all the way through.

This is a great psychological horror story that keeps you guessing till the end, and in the end the twist will leave you shocked!  No wonder it’s a number one best seller as well as nominated for the Bram Stoker award for Superior Achievement in a Young Adult Novel.

I’m looking forward to reading more of Michaelbrent’s books and I highly recommend this one to everyone young and old.

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