Jogger, The (2016)


Jogger, The (2016)Starring Derek Phillips, Jason Wiles, Cameron Richardson

Directed by Jeff Robison, Casey Twenter

Jealousy, infidelity, and the occasional late-night run are all cause for some serious concern in The Jogger, from co-directors Jeff Robison and Casey Twenter, who provide some nice twists and turns in this swervy-thriller.

The film follows Paul (Phillips), who is in the midst of a bit of a personal dilemma: aside from his outstanding work ethic and being a great father to his kids, he finds himself somewhat sandwiched in between the actions of his overly-douchey pal Malcolm (Wiles, most notably from NBC’s “Third Watch”), and his wife Carol (Williamson), whose interest in their union is waning dues to some intimacy issues. So on that cheery setup, we move forward to a series of present situations and flashbacks – current scenario has Paul out on a back road, late at night, getting a jog in to clear his mind. Not before long does he find himself being stalked by a hooded figure who is threatening to do some serious damage to the household. The tension runs high as Paul must now find a way to escape from the lunatic and get home to protect his family.

On the flipside, we’re treated to a bunch of recalls that spotlight Paul’s daily grind: from the travails with his bride, to the arrogant, egotistic stylings of his “best buddy.” While the premise is extremely easy to follow, both directors use plenty of instances to bend your mind into thinking what could potentially follow, but when you think you’ve got it all hammered out, another curveball gets tossed at you. The acting works as a double-edged sword in this presentation: while all of the lead-performances are solid in their depictions, you simply can’t sympathize or support any of them, however it all adds up to a product that will keep you watching. It’s definitely worth a one-timer if the mood strikes you, but as for the after-hours road-runners out there, stick to a treadmill…its a lot less treacherous.

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User Rating 3.38 (8 votes)


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