Dead Hearts (Short)

artwork coming soon - Dead Hearts (Short)Starring Valin Shinyei, Dalila Bela, Thomas Orr-Loney

Directed by Stephen W. Martin

If it really is “true,” it can be said that true love is the most powerful force on the planet, able to stand the weathering tests of time regardless of whatever condition it encounters… even death.

In director Stephen W. Martin’s romantic-horror short Dead Hearts, everlasting love is put on a pedestal and tested to see if time, distance, or one’s own mortality can cease its beating existence. The short follows the sad tale of 9-year-old Milton Mulberry, a mortician prodigy who’s been handed the reins through his family’s lineage, and although excelling at his craft at such an early age, he still suffers the ills of a bullied youth.

His salvation comes in the presence of 7-year-old Lola Littleton, a blind kung fu master (I’m serious). She saves his butt on a number of occasions against a small group of ruffians, and their fight scenes are the stuff of Saturday afternoon karate cinema greatness.

As time rolls along, Lola moves away due to an unexpected tragedy, and we pick up the tale of the STILL heartbroken 70+-year-old Milton, who decides it’s best to end his life if he can’t be with the woman he loves. I’ll halt with the details here, as the remainder of this quickie simply has got to be seen – it’s filled with laughs as well as some horror elements, and the superlative narration puts this short over the top.

While not ripe with ghoulish instances, it’s got some gore for the hounds and feel good moments for those who crave a little heartfelt emotion…even if that heart has been ripped out of someone’s chest.  A MUST WATCH!

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Written by Matt Boiselle


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