Terry and Brenda (Short Film)

TERRY AND BRENDA POSTER 200x300 - Terry and Brenda (Short Film)Starring Tim Blackwell, Debra Baker, Lucy Hutchinson

Directed by Jamie Hooper

If you’re one of those brave souls who dare to peek into someone’s home at night, you’d better be fairly sure to adjust your peepers to what you could potentially see, cause it ain’t all as pretty as we’d believe it to be from the outside, that’s for sure!

Terry and Brenda, from director Jamie Hooper, brings us into the dingy, dark, and condensed living room of a seemingly introverted couple, whiling away the hours of their mundane existence, and enjoying a little TV. Their conversation is brief, and from the outside view of things, unfortunately, you could say this rings true of a multitude of married couples in their lives – they even have a cross-stitched sign on their end table that reads “hell is other people” – I’ve GOT to get one of those for myself…but onto the remainder of this review.

As Terry (Blackwell) and his bride Brenda (Baker) head off for a little soiree in the boudoir (could have done without these images), we see a completely different side of these two, as the leather and safe words get broken out in an insane S and M display that will have you both laughing and cringing at the same time, but that’s not all – there is another VERY large secret that our private and perverse couple is keeping under wraps, and you’ll only get to find out what it is if you check this out for yourself.

Clocking in at a manageable 15 minutes, this short does take almost half of its existence to get going, and it is a subdued incline and descent on both ends – you won’t get punched in the gut with any sudden shockers here, but the implied notion of what’s really going on is the shocker itself. Hooper blends illusive comedic tones to outlay the border of a greater sense of the unknown. Terry and Brenda aren’t your typical twosome, bonded by years of wedded bliss…or are they? All in all, it’s an interesting way to stave off 15 minutes of your day.

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Written by Matt Boiselle


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